Is Donny Osmond the peacock on The Masked Singer? LGBTQ flag, weight, and voice clues all add up

Is Donny Osmond the peacock on The Masked Singer? LGBTQ flag, weight, and voice clues all add up

February 7, 2019

The peacock performed once again during tonight’s episode of The Masked Singer and he provided some fairly specific clues. For one, he revealed that he weighed 176 pounds, which happens to be Donny Osmond’s weight.

He also talked about how it was odd to perform behind a mask, as he’s often approached by people who want to talk to him.

The rainbow flag appeared to confuse the judges, but in 2008, he came out in support of the LGBTQ community. He admitted at the time that he knew many gay people and some of them were his best friends.

While we could not find anything in regards to him being thrown in jail over that wig, we did find an interview with him from the BBC that talked about him changing his image after Donny and Marie ended. He revealed that his publicist advised him to get busted for drugs to help change his public image. No record of that happening though.

As for the clues provided on YouTube prior to tonight’s episode, the peacock holds some whales in his hands. It’s possible that this could be to Wales, as he has two connections to the United Kingdom. Not only can he reportedly track his heritage to there, but he also headlined a show on BBC Wales, according to Gold Derby.

Previous clues also line up with Donny Osmond being behind the mask. For one, his height appears to match with 5’9. He clearly loves the spotlight as mentioned by the peacock.

Osmond actually first appeared on The Andy Williams show when he was just five years old, so he has been active for a long time. During one of the clues, he mentioned that it was the viewers’ moms who had posters of him on their walls.

Donny was a so-called heartthrob in the 1970s, so that also matches up. The Michael Jackson connection could be their long-term friendship. Donny spoke out about the last words he said to the king of pop before he passed away in an interview from 2015.

The magic and showtime connection could be Las Vegas, as he’s actually hosting his own show called Donny and Marie in Vegas, and he’s done so for 11 years.

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