Is Caleb in Emmerdale not really a Dingle as two clues reveal big twist?

Is Caleb in Emmerdale not really a Dingle as two clues reveal big twist?

January 19, 2023

Caleb Milligan (Will Ash) rocked up in Emmerdale during a particularly dramatic festive period, and introduced himself as Cain Dingle’s (Jeff Hordley) long lost brother.

However, the show is starting to hint that things with Caleb may not be exactly as they seem. In fact, they have begun to drop hints that Caleb may not even be a Dingle at all…

Since his arrival in the village, Caleb has been behaving very generously toward the family that didn’t know he existed, by hiring his legal team to help Kyle after he fatally shot Al last year.

But could his generosity be a rouse for something more sinister?

In tonight’s episode, we were treated to two potential hints that could suggest Caleb is hiding his true identity.

During a meeting with Kim Tate (Claire King) she asked if Caleb had had his connection to the Dingle’s verified in way, before referencing the historic rivalry between their two families.

Caleb brushed off the question, refusing to give an outright answer. very suspicious…

When recounting her meeting to partner Will Taylor (Dean Andrews), Kim mentioned how the more they chatted, the more ‘un-Dingle’ he seemed.

This alone may not be cause for concern, but the hints just keep adding up.

During the Dingle party at the Woolpack, Mandy (Lisa Riley) brought out the shots, and told Caleb that he was to drink first. When he turned down the offer, sister Chas (Lucy Pargeter) suggested that he was ‘all talk, no Dingle’…

The evidence appears to be mounting against Caleb, so we’re left wondering: If he’s not a Dingle, then who is he?

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