Irish Big Brother housemate Hughie Maughan’s father tells of shock of son’s bisexuality – The Sun

Irish Big Brother housemate Hughie Maughan’s father tells of shock of son’s bisexuality – The Sun

January 30, 2022

THE father of Big Brother star Hughie Maughan has told how his worried son only told his family he is bisexual after he left for the UK to take part in the show.

Speaking exclusively to the Irish Sun, Traveller Hughie Maughan Snr, 44, revealed he had been unable to sleep since learning the news last week.

He explained: “I’m very proud of Hughie but hurt about what I am after finding out.

“If God came to me and said, ‘I can change Hughie back to the way he was but you must lose your life’, I would do it right away.

“I would walk into my grave right now. I wouldn’t think twice about it.

“The reason is I’m afraid for Hughie and what sort of life he has ahead of him now.

“I hope I can reconcile with him because I can’t sleep at night.”

The family only learned of the 21-year-old’s bisexuality after they had waved him off at Dublin Airport last Wednesday week.

Hughie Snr recounted: “Hughie was crying when he rang up and told his sister and then asked her to tell me.

“My son is a very private person who wouldn’t tell you anything.

“His mother is upset and taking it very hard.

“I hope God can help us through this but the most important thing is that Hughie can get through this.”

The former boxing coach — who doesn’t drink or smoke and who has raised thousands of euro for Temple Street Children’s Hospital — admits he is trying hard to cope with his son’s bombshell news.

‘I can’t say enough good things about my son’

Hughie Snr said: “I’ve done races for 16 hours without stopping and I thought that was the hardest thing in my life but it wouldn’t come near dealing with this.

“No one knows what we are going through. I’m a very hurt man at the moment. I can’t sleep, I go out and cycle my bike and come home and then it hits me again.

“Because I think of the life of what Hughie has ahead of him — and I’m so worried.”

However, he insists he is proud of his son and speaks highly of the Traveller lad from Dublin’s northside who beat thousands of hopefuls to make the cut for Big Brother 2016.

Hughie Snr said: “I can’t say enough good things about my son. He was the first Traveller to complete his Leaving Cert in Ballymun.

“The other young Travellers would be laughing at him going off to school at the age of 17 with a schoolbag on his back.

“Hughie has never been in trouble with the police. He has never taken a drug in his life. He was brought up to respect people and to avoid anyone involved in crime or drugs.

“All he wants to do is work, and has been helping me with my own work since he was a tiny child.

“Since he was a kid, Hughie has been into books and magazines and what was on the TV. He could tell you anything about any celebrity. I feel bad now because I remember him saying once he would be on TV , and I just laughed but by God he’s done it now.”

Hughie Snr also warned his son will be more than a match for his TV rivals.

He said: “If the other fellas in Big Brother think my son is a pushover, they’re wrong.

“He looks like a teddy bear but he can also turn into a roaring lion if he feels he’s in the right.

“He’s a great boxer and won a couple of championships but never any Irish titles. Hughie can certainly look after himself.”

The devoted dad only learned his son was going into BB at the start of last week and had initially been worried about the youngster’s welfare as he made two trips back and forth to London to meet with producers.

Hughie Snr said: “I was concerned Hughie would be okay . . . that he would be okay and what he would be doing. So I asked a cousin over in England to go behind the scenes and he told me my son would be well looked after but that the whole thing had to kept totally secret.”

The Ballymun dad — who has a cupboard of sporting medals and was previously on the cover of a Traveller magazine for his fundraising — has pleaded with the public in both Ireland and the UK to support his son.

He said: “If Hughie wins Big Brother or comes last, we will still be proud of him. As the only Irish person, he is carrying the flag for Ireland. representing this country.

“I just hope when all this is over, he can come home and get a job from all of this. And, most of all, get the respect of people — that’s the most important thing in life.”



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Youth worker Hughie made his debut on Big Brother earlier this week as one of the six ‘Others’, who are living in a second house and eyeing a spot in the main house, in a new twist to the reality show.

However, his dad said he would not join locals in the pub watching Big Brother  as he doesn’t drink, and he, mum Kathleen and sisters Sabrina and Mary Anne will watch at home on their own TV.

Already Hughie has taken on the role of peacemaker in the Others’ manor and was on hand to console Ryan Ruckledge who was left fuming when he found out he wasn’t a fully-fledged housemate.

On night one, Ryan moaned: “Oh my God, so I’m not even a housemate? I’m f***ing fuming. What is the point? Why am I even here? I might as well go home now.”

Hughie tried to reassure him, saying: “This is the fun part, this is the interesting part.”

And Hughie already seems to have BB sussed, adding: “Get that out your head, you’re not going home.

“They’re gonna f*** with our heads, that’s what we’re here for.”

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