Inside Corrie star Sue Cleaver’s health battle and weight loss transformation

Inside Corrie star Sue Cleaver’s health battle and weight loss transformation

April 20, 2022

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Actress Sue Cleaver has recently given fans a couple of rare glimpses into her personal life, sharing details of her saddening health struggles and incredible weight loss journey.

The 58-year-oldCoronation Streetstalwart revealed she’d come super close to death a couple of years ago.

During her long tenure on beloved ITV soap Corrie Sue’s character Eileen Grimshaw has suffered more than her fair share of trouble.

But back in 2019, tragedy crept off the screen and into Sue’s real life when she fell really ill.

Daily Star Online has looked into what happened during the challenging time.

Sue’s health battle begins

At first, the Watford-born mum-of-one thought it might just be an IBS flare-up, or that she’d caught the flu.

She said: "It was the hottest day of the year and I was on set with a hot water bottle, shaking. And Melanie Hill said ‘Sue, look at your feet!’

"And my feet were just blue and purple and I had goosebumps on my arms… I went home at lunchtime, I got into [email protected], she added.

"I had socks on, leggings on and thinking – Not only have I got really bad IBS, but I’ve caught the flu now.”

Was it IBS or the flu?

Sue’s symptoms turned out to indicate something a lot more sinister.

Doctors eventually discovered that she had contracted a kidney infection, which led to a diagnosis of life-threatening sepsis.

Speaking about her nightmare on ITV’sThis Morning, the former Dinnerladies star said she could have died if it hadn’t been for her hubby and paramedic daughter-in-law getting her to hospital quickly.

Thankfully, doctors worked their magic and Sue recovered in due course.

Sue drops from size 16 to size 12

In recent years, Sue has also lost a whopping three stone, taking her down from size 16 to size 12.

But this astonishing plummet had nothing to do with her kidney infection. In fact, her weight loss journey began in 2016, long before the sepsis.

The star was unhappy with what she saw on the bathroom scales and decided to shed a few pounds.

A former agony aunt on This Morning, Sue is no stranger to solving problems. So, it comes as no surprise she was determined to fix this one.

She pulled off the incredible transformation with a Mediterranean diet high in good fats and low in bad ones.

And with Sue looking this good, it sure paid off!

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