Idris Elba Opens Fight School in New BBC Documentary

Idris Elba Opens Fight School in New BBC Documentary

August 27, 2020

The ‘Star Trek Beyond’ actor is expected to mentor young aspiring male and female fighters as they are learning boxing skills and life lessons from former champions.

AceShowbizIdris Elba is to set up an experimental fight school for young men and women that will be the focus of a new BBC documentary.

The London school aims to provide an outlet for young people from tough backgrounds, with Idris signing up seven recruits who will learn boxing skills from former champions, as well as discipline, how to train, and life lessons.

In a press release announcing the new series, Idris says, “I see history constantly repeating itself and can empathise with these kids. I believe there is a better way to teach people that you don’t need knives to protect yourself.”

“It’s a proven fact that in urban areas where fight schools open, violent crime drops dramatically – which is why I wanted to do this project, in hope that we can change people’s lives. I want this project to be an ongoing presence that will continue to provide support and education for the community for years to come.”

Over the course of six months, those involved will battle it out with other amateurs and work towards a big showcase finale – with the “Thor” star mentoring them along the way.

An air date for the show, titled “Idris Elba’s Fight School“, is yet to be announced.

The 47 year old previously transformed himself into a kickboxer for the TV documentary, “Idris Elba: Fighter“, back in 2017.

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