I was on GBBO and here’s what really happens if you run out of time after the baking challenge | The Sun

I was on GBBO and here’s what really happens if you run out of time after the baking challenge | The Sun

September 22, 2022

A FORMER Bake Off star has revealed the "well-oiled machine" behind-the-scenes which helps bakers succeed on the Channel 4 show.

Selasi Gbormittah, 36, shot to fame on the seventh series of the programme in 2016, when it appeared on the BBC.

During his time on the show, the Ghanaian-born baker left fans swooning with his chilled approach to cooking.

Now, with Bake Off airing on broadcaster Channel 4, Selasi has exclusively opened up to The Sun on the secrets inside Bake Off's iconic tent.

The semi-finalist – who was booted off before reaching Bake Off's grand finale – spoke about the time constraints of certain bakes – and how the crew help out.

He told us: "So everyone has the same time. The thing is, no one can really complain because for the signature and showstopper, you plan at home, you study your recipes weeks in advance.


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"I mean I'm talking like I did that, but I've never really practised much, but if you practice at home, a lot of the time you would know you can complete something in two hours, but practising at home and actually taking it in the tent are completely different.

"In the tent something would always happen. It could be the temperature, you forget to turn on your oven, or something doesn't turn out as you practised at home.

"So there's different elements to it all when you're baking in the tents, but you do have two hours to complete it."

Yet giving insight into the tips and tricks of the Bake Off trade, he continued: "There are always people running around which you don't get to see. There are so many people behind the cameras making this work, it's a really well oiled machine where everyone is, you know, helping us and taking away all of our empty stuff.

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"They are making sure it's ready – so you don't see any of that at all.

"But there are people behind the camera men, who are basically picking up things, just making sure you have everything, if you need extras, they will provide that for you so you're not stuck with either the same amount of ingredients that you have on your recipe that you've submitted.

"So if you're trying to make a meringue and it fails, you can ask for more egg whites more sugar.

"But you don't see any of that!”

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It came after Selasi revealed how the show prepares the bakers for fame AND trolls by schooling them about social media.

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