Hugh Grant And Cast Of ‘Four Weddings And A Funeral’ Reunite For Sequel And It’s All For Charity

Hugh Grant And Cast Of ‘Four Weddings And A Funeral’ Reunite For Sequel And It’s All For Charity

December 15, 2018

Four Weddings and a Funeral was the cult-classic rom-com movie that catapulted its star, Hugh Grant, into the Hollywood big-time.

The British movie was a smash hit on both sides of the Atlantic when it was released back in 1994. But 28 years later, most fans have given up on any dreams they may have had of a sequel. So, the news that the cast of the original movie were reuniting in London this week to film exactly that has been met with great excitement in both the U.S. and the U.K.

To temper expectations a little, this isn’t going to be a full feature-film sequel, but rather a short film that is being put together for the British charity event, Red Nose Day.

The short film, which is expected to be 12 minutes long and has the working title of One Red Nose and a Wedding, has been written by Richard Curtis, the co-creator and writer of the original movie, and who is also the brains behind Red Nose Day. Original director Mike Newell is also back on board.

But most excitingly of all, the entire cast of the original movie have also been seen on set, as Richard Curtis’s wife, Emma Freud, has been busy tweeting behind-the-scenes pictures.

Hugh Grant is back to reprise his role of Charles, but this time, instead of being the nervous wedding attendee, it appears that he is the nervous father at his daughter’s wedding. Images suggest that the role of his daughter is being played by Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again star Lily James.

American actress Andie MacDowell, whose character Carrie got together with Charles at the end of the original movie, was also seen on set and is presumably the mother of Lily James’ character.

Kristen Scott Thomas was also seen to be reprising her role as Fiona, while her character’s nemesis, Henrietta, who she dubbed “duckface” in the original movie, will also be featuring, with Anna Chancellor once again in the role.

Other returning actors include Rowan Atkinson, who will be playing the verbally-challenged vicar, while James Fleet returns as Tom. John Hannah will be seen once again as Matthew, and even David Bower makes an appearance as Charles’ deaf brother, David.

There will sadly be two faces from the original movie not making an appearance this time round. Actress Charlotte Coleman, who played Charles’ sister Scarlett, sadly passed away in 2001, while Simon Callow will not be reprising the role of Gareth, as his character died in the original movie.

And if fans aren’t excited enough about the return of Four Weddings and a Funeral, Emma Freud also teased a picture of Hugh Grant’s Charles kissing a mystery woman on set. To find out who she is, it looks like you will have to watch the new short film when it comes out.

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