How old is Fern Britton, did she experience sexual assault and when did she marry This Morning chef Phil Vickery?

How old is Fern Britton, did she experience sexual assault and when did she marry This Morning chef Phil Vickery?

February 19, 2019

She was a daily fixture on daytime TV for years with Phillip Schofield before Holly Willoughby took over and previously revealed she experienced sexual assault at the beginning of her career.

Has Fern Britton experienced sexual assault?

On February 18th, 2019, Fern revealed that she was once assaulted by a man in a lift after a showbiz interview.

The former TV presenter and Calendar Girls star said the shocking attack came when she worked for Television South in the 80s and 90s.

The 61-year-old told the Mirror: “I remember doing a television show when I worked for TVS. I was in a lift with a man I’d just interviewed.

“He suddenly jumped me and started snogging me. I asked him what on earth he thought he was doing. But it didn’t seem to shame him into stopping.

“The fact remains the most privileged person on the planet is still the white male.

“But unless they can feel as uncomfortable as single women do walking home at night in the dark or getting into a taxi alone, there’s always going to be that gap in ­understanding.”

Who is Fern Britton?

Fern Britton is a TV presenter best known for her work on ITV's This Morning.

She was born on July 17th, 1957 in Ealing, London – making her 61-years-old.

She got her start in presenting as a TV news presenter, working on BBC Spotlight in the South West of England before becoming the BBC's youngest ever national news presenter on Breakfast Time.

Fern was the presenter of popular television cookery competition Ready Steady Cook from 1994-2000, where she met her husband, celebrity chef Phil Vickery.

The pair married in 2000 and have a 17-year-old daughter, Winnie. Fern also has three other children from her previous marriage to TV executive Clive Jones.

What illness did she have?

Fern Britton revealed she had cheated death in a terrifying battle with sepsis that took her 18 months to recover from.

The TV veteran fell seriously ill after undergoing a hysterectomy in 2016 and revealed she "nearly died".

After the procedure, Fern went into a downward spiral and she became convinced life was slipping away from her.

The sepsis was triggered by an ecoli infection, and Ferne also contracted pneumonia, which led to a collapsed lung.

Who are her children and husband?

Fern has been married to celebrity chef Phil Vickery since 2000 after meeting on the set of BBC 2's Ready Steady Cook.

The couple have a daughter, Winnie, who was born in August 2001 and live in Buckinghamshire.

Ferne also has three children – twin sons Jack and Harry (b.1994)  and daughter Grace (b.1997) – from her previous marriage to Clive Jones.

Did she have a gastric band?

In 2008 Fern owned up to having a gastric band fitted in 2006 to lose five stone.

She had been advocating natural weight loss and was the face and body of Ryvita in a £200,000-a-year deal.

She said she hadn't lied about the reasons behind her weight loss because she was never directly asked how she lost it.

Fern is a presenter of ITV daytime show Culinary Genius

What was her most recent show Culinary Genius about?

Fern Britton started a new role as host of ITV daytime cookery show Culinary Genius on Monday, April 17, 2017.

The high-drama cooking competition saw nine amateur cooks battle in a wrestling-ring style studio, competing against each other in tough tasks designed to push them to their limits.

A different professional chef judged the competition each week, demonstrating two of the tasks for competitors and the audience at home.

This first week of Culinary Genius saw fiery chef Gordon Ramsay run the kitchen before Fern's husband Phil Vickery and Jean-Christophe Novelli took over the reins in later weeks.

When was Fern Britton on This Morning?

Fern guest presented This Morning from 1993, but was a full-time host on the show for ten years, between 1999 and 2009. She started out as co-host with John Leslie but worked with current presenter Phillip Schofield from 2002.

Fern announced she would be leaving This Morning after ten years in March 2009. Her final episode as host aired on her 52nd birthday, July 17, 2009.

Rumours circulated she had dramatically quit the show after finding out co-host Phillip was earning three times as much as her – despite the fact she had been on the show longer.

Last year Fern told The Sun Online she wouldn’t rule out a reunion with Phil at some point.

She said: “It was great, Phillip and I did our five or six years together and he is an extraordinary force.

“Something between us was like lighting the blue touch paper, it made us laugh, and it was a great relationship and I really enjoyed it.

“Would we want to recreate that? It’s had its time, but I don’t know, never say never.”

What has Fern Britton been up to since leaving This Morning?

After leaving This Morning in 2009, Fern's career showed no signs of slowing down and she has had a lot of presenting gigs.

She has hosted The Big Allotment Challenge for the BBC antique gameshow For What It's Worth, and series Fern Britton Meets… in which she interviewed public figures about their religion.

Fern was also a contestant on Strictly Come Dancing in 2012, when British Olympic gymnast Louis Smith took home the glitterball trophy.

Fern and partner Artem Chigvintsev were the fifth couple eliminated from the show, after failing to impress the public and the judges with their salsa to Gloria Estefan hit 'You'll Be Mine'.

Besides TV appearances, Fern is the author of six novels, all of which have been on the Sunday Times bestseller list. She has also written two short stories and her own autobiography.

She appeared on The One Show on April 12 to promote her documentary, Fern Britton’s Holy Land Journey, in which she makes a pilgrimage to retrace the footsteps of Jesus Christ.

This year Fern made an appearance on This Morning after eight years away from the show since quitting as host.

The hilarious appearance saw her flash an intimate tattoo on her hip at Easter host Ruth Langsford, while husband Phil Vickery, the resident chef on This Morning, buried his head in his hands. She also showed off a cross tattoo on her wrist, inked to commemorate documentary Fen Britton's Holy Land Journey.

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