How did Adele’s parents really die in Behind Her Eyes?

How did Adele’s parents really die in Behind Her Eyes?

February 26, 2021

Behind Her Eyes: Netflix release psychological thriller trailer

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Behind Her Eyes is a popular psychological thriller series on Netflix and it is based on the book by Sarah Pinborough. The series explores the unstable marriage between Adele (played by Eve Hewson) and her husband David (Tom Bateman). David supposedly rescued Adele from a house fire when she was younger, but fans are sceptical about how they met.

How did Adele’s parents die?

Fans have many questions after they binged their way through the limited series, which was made up of six thrilling episodes.

The show introduced Adele as a stay-at-home wife who was still recovering from a mental breakdown following the death of her parents.

She had stayed at a psychiatric facility as a teenager, explaining how her parents had both tragically perished in a fire at their home.

Viewers came to learn how David had been passing by the stately home and managed to pull Adele out.

Sadly he was unable to save her parents and she was left orphaned.

David and Adele went on to develop a connection and they became husband and wife.

Through flashbacks, fans learned that David had actually been a suspect during an investigation following the fire.

Adele’s friend Rob (Robert Aramayo) was convinced David had killed Adele’s parents as his presence on the night was too coincidental.

However, at the end of the series, it was revealed Rob’s diary was just a façade to hide the fact he actually pined for David.

Fans have taken to Reddit to discuss how Adele’s parents really died, as Adele had said she was unable to wake them in time.

One said: “Didn’t read the book but maybe it was left open on purpose so there can be a second season.

“It was mentioned several times miscellaneously, which I found annoying.”

Most fans believe Adele had been telling the truth about her parents and it did in fact cause her mental instability.

One said: “The real Adele was in rehab because she was suffering from the loss of her parents in the fire, and then the fake one (Rob) was being given meds because she (he) would do things that were emotionally unstable.

“David thought the fake Adele was mentally ill, not evil.”

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Another said: “The death of the parents seems to have been random and not related to this. Just something terrible that happened to her.”

The death of Adele’s parents was integral in highlighting the cause of her mental state, but this is as far as the storyline goes.

Viewers were led to believe David was the antagonist, with the fire scenes raising their suspicions of how David came to be near the house.

Rob’s character had convinced fans David had something to do with their death, and David is even reluctant to speak about it to others.

One fan added: “The way the parents dying in a fire bit ended up playing out was brilliant too – because the moment they mentioned that happening, you wonder ‘did David kill them? Did Adele kill them? How did it happen?’

“And turned out it was innocent on all sides, other than old Adele feeling a bit guilty about not being able to save them because she was busy with her new shiny powers.

“It was perfect because we assume Adele was a terrible person the whole time, and then that starts unravelling when it becomes clear old Adele didn’t ever do anything wrong, including doing nothing to her parents.

“It feels like okay, she must’ve changed because of something DAVID did to her. The show brilliantly hints at things natural to assume, only for them to be wrong at every turn.”

While the cause of death for Adele’s parents is never officially confirmed, it is understood she was telling the truth.

As an 18-year-old at the psychiatric facility, she had remained her true self and it was not until she moved back home her character took a drastic turn.

Behind Her Eyes is streaming on Netflix now

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