Home Sweet Home Alone fans all have the same complaint as reboot drops on Disney+ day

Home Sweet Home Alone fans all have the same complaint as reboot drops on Disney+ day

November 12, 2021

HOME Sweet Home Alone has received brutal reviews from Home Alone fans – with viewers all having the same damning complaint about the reboot.

The 1990 classic Christmas film, which starred Macaulay Culkin as young troublemaker Kevin McAllister – forced to defend his home from two thieves – has been subjected to a modern-day makeover.

The new movie changes the Home Alone formula by having the burglars essentially be a nice couple, who are just trying to take back a priceless heirloom that they think has been stolen from them.

But fans of the original are far from impressed, with most viewers dubbing the remake as the “worst movie ever”.

One disgruntled fan took to Twitter and wrote: “Yeah, all the reviews are accurate – Home Sweet Home Alone is absolutely atrocious.”

Someone else ranted: “Home Sweet Home Alone isn’t very sweet at all. In fact, it’s terrible and has absolutely nothing on the original.”

While another fumed: “Just watched the new Home Sweet Home Alone film streaming on Disney+ and I’m beginning to wonder why I bothered – it has to be the worst film ever.”

Since its release, social media has become a switchboard for complaints about the quality of the film.

Hundreds of peeved viewers commented that the movie is “dire”, despite the script being written by Saturday Night Live duo Mikey Day and Streeter Seidell.

Fans were also disappointed to discover that Macaulay wasn’t making an appearance in the reboot.

The actor took to Twitter to confirm he wouldn’t be in the Disney+ movie, but said he wished “all involved the best of luck”.

Home Sweet Home Alone is available to stream on Disney+.

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