Home and Away’s Juliet Godwin teases ‘twist’ for Bree after emotional storyline

Home and Away’s Juliet Godwin teases ‘twist’ for Bree after emotional storyline

August 2, 2023

Home and Away's Bree Cameron has had a difficult ride since first arriving in Summer Bay.

The doctor, played by actress and model Juliet Godwin, made her way to the small town in August 2022, but her dark past quickly caught up with her.

Fans watched as Bree's abusive husband Jacob Cameron (Alex Williams) found his estranged wife in the Bay and later kidnapped her.

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After Jacob attacked her, Bree woke up to her husband digging her grave.

With only one way to escape, Bree hit Jacob over the head with a shovel and he later died from his injuries.

After the police came to the conclusion that Bree was acting in self-defence, all charges against her were dropped and she was finally able to move forward with her life.

During this time, Bree found real love again with Remi Carter (Adam Rowland) and the two have been navigating a relationship which has had its fair share of ups and downs.

Teasing what's ahead for the couple, Juliet told 7News that there is a "fun little twist" to come following her character's heartache.

"I can't give too much away, I mean the drama is real," the actress explained. "It's going to be pretty cool to watch Remi and Bree navigate this new little relationship they have going."

Following Jacob's death, Bree's romance with Remi was able to get back on track, however their relationship faces new issues following the arrival of Mercedes De Silva (Amali Golden).

During Wednesday's instalment (August 2) of the Channel 5 soap, Bree found herself battling with Mercedes for Remi's attention.

While Bree held back and let Remi focus on Lyrik and Battle of the Bands, Eden had no problem telling him he was neglecting his girlfriend.

Taking the opportunity smooth things over with Bree, Remi reassured her that she is the only one he has eyes for.

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