Home and Away spoilers – Justin sentencing, Roo hospital horror and new arrival

Home and Away spoilers – Justin sentencing, Roo hospital horror and new arrival

May 29, 2023

As Justin prepares for the worst in Home and Away, he is stunned when the judge sentences him to 500 hours of community service and court mandated counselling.

Theo is elated to see Justin return a free man, while Justin is determined not to let his second chance go to waste.

Apologising to his family for putting them through so much, Justin vows to learn from his mistake and promises he’s going to change.

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Justin begins counselling following his sentencing but doesn't get off to a great start when he immediately snaps at his counsellor.

She tells him to be patient with his anger management journey, but Justin remains sceptical that therapy can help him.

After his first few sessions, Justin shows a renewed commitment to counselling when he engages with his homework.

He makes a breakthrough when talking about his connection to his parents and their murder, the likely root of his anger issues.

Elsewhere, Tane is thrilled when his cousin Kahu surprises him and immediately invites him to stay.

Felicity is less than enthused has to make do when she sees how happy the time with his cousin is making Tane.

She Felicity is left shocked however when Kahu puts himself forward for a permanent job with Tane.

Tane is grateful to Kahu for filling the trainer role at the gym, until he finds out his cousin has no qualifications.

Kahu counters that Tane is desperate for staff and when he boldly announces to Alf that he’ll be helping at the gym, it seems he has already charmed his way into the job.

Later, Kahu dons the gym uniform but is relegated to a strictly admin role, despite his protests.

Venting to Cash that she’d prefer to have Tane all to herself, Cash reminds her that she married a man who’s all about family.

When Felicity discovers that Tane has offered Kahu permanent employment, she brings up his lack of professional qualifications, leading to conflict with Tane.

After a further appeal from Cash, Felicity is compelled to make Kahu feel welcome and offers him Nikau’s old key.

Across the Bay, Marilyn is excited following Kirby’s successful social media push for Stunning Organics.

The pair then have some explaining to do when Irene discovers they’ve offered a free coffee with every purchase.

Later, Marilyn is surprised to see one large order of sunscreen addressed to the surf club and becomes convinced that John is behind it.

When Marilyn confronts John over his “pity order”, he denies all knowledge and she later learns it was actually Alf who ordered it.

Marilyn apologises to John and they find common ground over wanting to give Jett the very best for his wedding.

Later, Roo offers to buy products from Stunning Organics but refuses to become a brand ambassador.

When Marilyn tries a new face mask on Roo, she complains of a burning sensation and Bree is forced to intervene and sends Roo to hospital.

Meanwhile, Xander returns home from hospital and is still fixated on Jamie’s funeral arrangements.

When he discovers the funeral is that day and Rose has kept it from him, he feels betrayed and demands to go to the funeral.

Believing it’s not the best thing for his recovery, Rose refuses to take him.

When Mali arrives later to pick Xander up, Rose is livid.

But after some encouragement from Mali to support her brother, Rose ends up taking him to the funeral.

Later, it’s clear that Xander is still haunted by survivor’s guilt.

After confiding in Rose that he’s still struggling in the wake of Jamie’s death, he’s hurt to overhear her worrying that he’s “going backwards” during a conversation with Bree.

Bree finds Xander on the beach and he tells her about his struggle moving on, before revealing to Rose that he’s thinking of quitting his job.

Meanwhile, Mackenzie puts on a brave face but privately struggles without Gabe.

Noticing she is not coping, Mali offers his support, but Mackenzie refuses to fall apart for months the way she did last time Gabe left.

Later, when Mali receives a box of his personal things from back home, it hits him that he can’t go back.

Realising she could use the company, Mackenzie asks Mali to move in with her.

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