Hollyoaks star reveals shocking aftermath but is Cormac dead?

Hollyoaks star reveals shocking aftermath but is Cormac dead?

October 9, 2020

Hollyoaks viewers were left stunned by a violent outburst from Warren Fox (Jamie Lomas) has left evil Cormac (James Gaddas) for dead – and now Felix Westwood (Richard Blackwood) is feeling like he has been robbed of his own justice.

We caught up with the actor who discussed the emotional scenes and what the repercussions could be.

Addressing the socially distanced fight scenes, he told Metro.co.uk: ‘They are tough to film – when the scene requires heavy emotion and layers, physical interaction lends to a better scene and allows you to open up more. It would be naturally what you would do in that moment so that was against us but it played well. I guess it required us to dig deeper. From what’s I’ve seen and the feedback, I’m happy. It’s totally a new skill, you can’t unlearn that!

‘Cormac shaped him in the worst way and the way he deals with trauma is running away from situations, rather than dealing with it. He never allows problems to stay with him – he just walks away, like he did with his family; he thought they were better off without him. But seeing Cormac at a time when he wants to be in Hollyoaks, he is forced to tackle the situation. All these things start to manifest again from the past as he is forced out of his comfort zone; that was nice to play those layers. Him having to face these demons, he knows it’s the right thing to do but he hardest thing to do.’

But while Felix just wanted to have it out with Cormac, he certainly didn’t want to be facing the prospect that he is dead. So is he angry at Warren for what has happened?

The actor confirmed: ‘Most definitely – he is so angry with Warren. Felix is strong on that this is my issue – he wants Warren there as morale support as Felix took his anger out on Warren, so he deserves to be there. But this is Felix’s justice – the way things go, it’s out of his hands and is not the way he wanted to deal with it. He’s furious for Warren taking it away from him.

‘The thing is, when Felix was younger he would have been okay for Cormac to have died. But since he’s turned his life around, he just needs an apology – a sorry would suffice. He grew up in a home where he was expected to attack first. Whatever your method, it didn’t matter – get what you need. But now, he doesn’t know if Cormac is alive or dead and it’s a big deal. He has a family to think about and he is trying to be there for them. He could be taken away from that because of this. This isn’t how he would have dealt with it at all.’

So with Felix acing prison, is there a chance of him losing everything? Richard warned of a dark future ahead.


He sighed: ‘Most definitely, right now, all three of them don’t know where they stand. Felix still looks out for Warren, regardless of how tough he is, Warren is like a little brother to him. The reason he gave him the job, he was his elder and took advantage of him because of his own pain – he wants to make it up to him and look out for him. Felix now has that way about him. Even though he’s upset with Warren, he still wants to make sure he’s okay.’

And what about Brody, who soon turns out to be the most nervous and the most likely to go to the police. Given that he could expose their crime, how will Felix and Warren deal with it?

The star mused: ‘Well this is the thing – this is where both of their ways conflict. If it were down to Warren, he would deal with Brody that he knows! But Felix has turned over a new leaf so let’s not do that, that’s not the road we’re going down. There is another way. If you think about he knows they could all go to prison, Brody being silenced would be the best way out of it – but he still won’t do it that way. Felix has grown and he is trying to teach Warren that way too.’

One thing is for sure, the relationship between Felix and Warren has defied fan expectations – and Richard has enthused that he is glad viewers seem to be behind the character and are able to view the stereotypical hard man in a different light.

He grinned ‘It’s been really nice. We’re humanising Felix as much as we can because he is in his 40s on the show – at that point, if you’re still trying to be THAT guy, you’ve lost the plot. He still handles situations in the way he knows but he is aware he is older and he has been around other people to know there are other means. He is trying to find the perfect balance.

‘With Warren, he hasn’t been at that stage – he was bullied so became the bully and that’s his way. He takes his aggression out on anybody and if you’re weak, you don’t survive. Because Felix is the catalyst for that, it’s only right he comes along and owns that he is to blame and to show Warren he is not a lost cause.

‘People like that there’s two alpha males exploring that you don’t have to be an alpha male all the time. I hope we succeed with that – we have tapped into Felix and Warren and seen them openly crying. Two strong men who are feared in the town can still cry, show emotion and look after each other.

‘You don’t always see that with the hard guy characters, so it’s good for Hollyoaks to show that. There are people out there who live that lifestyle and we think they just like it but they don’t – they have their own nightmares.’

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