Hollyoaks’ Chelsee Healey breaks down in tears and explains why she's been ‘rude and arrogant’ on Celebs Go Dating as she begs viewers to stop ‘attacking’ her

Hollyoaks’ Chelsee Healey breaks down in tears and explains why she's been ‘rude and arrogant’ on Celebs Go Dating as she begs viewers to stop ‘attacking’ her

March 21, 2019

CELEBS Go Dating star Chelsee Healey broke down in tears as she begged viewers to leave her 20-month-old daughter out of abusive messages prompted by her controversial appearance on the show.

The Hollyoaks actress, 30, admitted to being "rude and arrogant" on the E4 matchmaking programme, but revealed she'd been left devastated by trolls calling her an unfit mother to Coco.

She told The Sun: "Of the upsetting things I've read, the stuff that really gets to me is when they bring my baby into it.

"I've had a lot of nasty comments. You can say whatever you want about me, but don't bring my daughter into it.

"I know I'm a good mum. I'd never teach her to have bad manners, because that's not me either.

"I'm not nasty. I'd never treat someone how I wouldn't want to be treated, I've not been brought up like that. I'd bring my daughter up with the same values.

"My morals are all in the right place and I'm so gutted and sad that didn't come across.

"I know I'm quite a strong girl, but having all this negative feedback has effected me as a person."

Chelsee, who plays Goldie McQueen on Hollyoaks, admitted she's been mortified watching back her appearance on Celebs Go Dating and fears her image has been permanently tainted.

She said: "I haven't come across the best on Celebs Go Dating. I've come across quite rude, arrogant and even watching myself back has upset me.

"It's been quite hard. I've started to doubt myself as well. Looking back now, it's hurt me a little bit, I can't lie.

"I've never been pulled for being a nasty person and all my friends and my family know this.

"Before Celebs Go Dating came on, I said I'd never be effected by anyone else's opinions. But the backlash I've got has proved that wrong.  I thought I was thicker-skinned."

Explaining her questionable behaviour during Celebs Go Dating, Chelsee revealed she was still haunted by her failed relationship with Coco's father Jack Malloy, who she split with shortly after giving birth.

She said: "To get back into the dating game was obviously very daunting. I was with my last partner for five years.

"Breaking up with my daughter's dad is probably one of the hardest things I've gone through. I wanted her mum and dad being together.

"I think going into Celebs Go Dating my head was probably still a little bit hurt, I can't lie. I think once a woman is hurt it's quite hard to get over that. You don't really trust anyone and you do have this massive barrier up.

She also claimed to be more insecure than fans would expect, saying: "As an actress I'm always playing a character, whereas being myself I find really daunting. That's when my insecurities do come out."

Chelsee confessed she expected Celebs Go Dating viewers to adore her after being voted runner-up of Strictly Come Dancing in 2011.

She said: "To be honest, I wasn't worried. I know what kind of girl I am, so I thought people were going to love me. I thought, 'I'm going to go into it, I'm going to be myself and people are really going to warm to me'."

Despite the backlash, Chelsee stated she has no regrets about taking part in Celebs Go Dating.

She said: "Even though I didn't come across as well as I'd hoped for at the start, it still taught me something about myself, so I'd never regret that experience ever.

"I'm really glad that I did it and I did get back into the dating game."

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