Holby City spoilers: Donna teeters on breakdown in wake of Zav’s death as she’s banned from funeral

Holby City spoilers: Donna teeters on breakdown in wake of Zav’s death as she’s banned from funeral

June 1, 2020

DONNA JACKSON teeters on the edge of a breakdown this week in Holby City as she struggles to grieve for Zav while banned from his funeral.

The nurse hasn't yet listened to Zav's voicemail he left for her on the day he died – and in upcoming scenes Cameron encourages her to delete it.

Holby City viewers were stunned when the soap dropped its biggest twist of the year by killing off Zav Duval – just as he’d discovered Cameron’s killer secret. 

Zav had just uncovered evidence to expose murderer Cameron once and for all, but a tragic road accident stopped him in his tracks.

Episodes of the BBC medical drama set to air this week will see Donna struggle to cope in the aftermath of Zav’s tragic death.

The upcoming scenes will see Donna’s suffering worsened by the fact she’s banned from Zav’s funeral. 

When Jason asks Donna to sign a book with memories of Zav, her strong facade begins to slip.

Breaking down she tells Jason and Cameron that she’s struggling to grieve due to the fact that her and Zav weren’t together when he passed away.

Later in the week Cameron, who’s doing everything he can to bury his evil secret, learns that Zav left Donna a voicemail during his last moments.

A panicked Cameron urges Donna – who hasn’t yet listened to the voicemail – to delete the message and move on with her life.

Will Donna notice Cameron's shifty behaviour and listen to the voicemail?

Elsewhere, when Jason’s plans for a tributes book backfires, he plans another way to honour Zav’s memory. 

But will Donna be happy about it?

Speaking to Digital Spy about the possibility of Zav exposing Cameron’s secret from beyond the grave, Marcus Griffiths – who played Zav – said: "I think the work Zav has done and the evidence he's found will manifest itself eventually.

"Zav's work won't go in vain and his sacrifice won't be for nothing. I think that will all help bring Cameron down in the end. I do think Zav had to be the sacrificial lamb for it all to go down though. I don't think Zav truly thinks Cameron is evil though."

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