High school senior breaks down in tears when Demi Lovato surprises class at virtual prom hosted by Today’s Al Roker – The Sun

High school senior breaks down in tears when Demi Lovato surprises class at virtual prom hosted by Today’s Al Roker – The Sun

April 27, 2020

TODAY host Al Roker surprised one lucky high school student with a special message from Demi Lovato during her class’ virtual prom, and she was overcome with emotion.

Teen Zoe broke down in tears after hearing from one of her “biggest musical inspirations.”

During Monday’s broadcast, Al, 65, shared a clip of him throwing a virtual prom for Nebraska's Douglas County West High School, after they showcased how they’re all staying "Senior Strong" during the coronavirus pandemic.

After Zoe, who’s a singer and guitar player, gave a “special performance” of her school’s song while on the Zoom prom, Al had a major surprise.

He said: “Zoe, that was beautiful. Somebody’s told me that one of your biggest musical inspirations is Demi Lovato. We have a special from Demi Lovato to you.”

She could not contain her excitement and immediately had to cover her mouth with her hand because it was hanging wide open.


A message from none other than the 27-year-old Grammy nominee followed.

Demi said in her “special shout-out” to Zoe and her peers: “I just wanted to say that I’m so proud of all of you for staying home. I hope that this is the world’s most epic virtual prom.”

Once the sweet video finished, Al realized Zoe was getting emotional and asked if she was “crying,” but she had trouble replying yes between the tears.

Eventually, she was able to muster: “Yes, it’s crazy. Oh my gosh, I think my whole life is made.”

The Today host is all about sharing good news.

Just a couple of weeks ago, he revealed his daughter Courtney is engaged to musician Wesley Laga.

He revealed it was tough to keep it a secret but wanted to wait until she had to chance to share the announcement first.

Al posted on social media: "I was waiting to get the ok, but now that it’s on her insta, we are so thrilled the @djweslaga asked @ouichefcourtney to marry him.

"#shesaidyes Could not be more thrilled for these two.”

Courtney posted of the proposal: "Life sometimes takes you in a different direction for a reason.

"We should have been in Paris, but with how the world is at the moment, it was placed on hold.

"Instead, Wes brought Paris to me with the music, lights and live cam shot of the Eiffel Tower on our TV.”

During their trip to fake Paris, Wesley proposed, and she happily said yes to her “best friend.”

Courtney added: “Thank you Wes for making me your partner in crime for life. I love you.”

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