Here's What the Real Women of 'The View' Thought About That Hilarious 'SNL' Parody

Here's What the Real Women of 'The View' Thought About That Hilarious 'SNL' Parody

April 16, 2019

Joy says she’s thrilled to finally see herself played by a woman, while the other cohosts all react.

With the tension heating up more than ever on "The View" and an explosive new tell-all making headlines, it was only right that "SNL" revived its parody this weekend. And the show’s real cohosts really ate it up.

The sketch starred Leslie Jones as Whoopi Goldberg, Cecily Strong as Abby Huntsman, Kate McKinnon as Joy Behar, Melissa Villaseñor as Ana Navarro, Aidy Bryant as Meghan McCain and host Emma Stone as guest (and former cohost herself) Jenny McCarthy.

The skit poked fun at the memorable showdown between Joy and Meghan earlier this month, where McCain snapped at Behar by saying it’s "your job to listen to me." There were split-screens, cohosts eating popcorn and Whoopi spraying them all down with water whenever anyone got out of line. It was great.

"We’re not gonna do this," exclaimed Jones’ Goldberg. "This is ‘The View. We’re 5 best friends with nothing in common!"

After the sketch went viral, each of the cohosts — minus Whoopi — reacted on their respective social media pages. McCarthy also had no reaction.

Addressing the fact that she was finally played by someone other than Fred Armisen, Behar thanked McKinnon.

During the skit, Bryant’s McCain referred to herself as "the princess of Arizona," a title her real counterpart proudly adopted on Twitter.

Strong’s Huntsman criticized Homeland Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen during the sketch, saying she "will always be known as the lady who puts kids in cages and as a human mother, I don’t like that." That’s the line Abby ran with online.

Meanwhile, Villaseñor nailed her Navarro impression, joking that she "got stuck in a loop" repeating her talking points during one especially fired up moment.

And while Sunny Hostin was unfortunately left out of the sketch, she has a recommendation for who to play her if it’s revived again.

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