Here’s the 5 most explosive moments from Harry & Meghan vol 2

Here’s the 5 most explosive moments from Harry & Meghan vol 2

December 15, 2022

Harry & Meghan: Netflix releases latest trailer for volume II

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Netflix dropped Harry & Meghan part two this morning (December 15) with audiences across the globe eagerly awaiting the new episodes. The first three series saw the former royals speaking about how they first met and got to know each other. Viewers glimpsed never-before-seen footage of their burgeoning romance, including photos of the pair after they holidayed together in Africa.

Both Harry and Meghan also kept video diaries documenting their journey but the first half proved fairly innocuous. 

Perhaps the most controversial moment came when Meghan revealed she didn’t know how to curtsey after she was told she would be meeting Queen Elizabeth II.

Following on from last week’s more romantic and sentimental episodes charting the whirlwind romance between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the last three episodes of their self-titled series marks a shift in gear. 

A trailer for the new episodes dropped earlier this week to whet viewers’ appetites and certainly got people talking. 

Now the episodes are finally here, there were several big revelations from the final instalment. 

1. Meghan’s miscarriage 

Meghan went into the heartbreak of losing her baby while she and Prince Harry tried to deal with the fallout from leaving behind the Royal Family.

Prince Harry went on to lash out at the media for their role, adding: “Now, do we absolutely know that the miscarriage was created, caused by that? Course we don’t. 

“But bearing in mind the stress that that caused, the lack of sleep, and the timing of the pregnancy, how many weeks in she was, I can say, from what I saw, that miscarriage was created by what they were trying to do to her.”

Meghan also bravely spoke out about the stress she’d felt in the lead up to the miscarriage.

2. Queen stayed silent during William and Charles row with Harry

In the Netflix series, it was claimed the late Queen Elizabeth II watched on as Charles and Prince William had a fiery meeting with Prince Harry.

Prince Harry is said to have gone to his family to discuss leaving with Meghan but tempers flared up.

He said: “It became very clear very quickly that that goal wasn’t up for discussion or debate.”

Adding: “It was terrifying to have my brother scream and shout at me and my father say things that simply weren’t true.

3. Meghan’s dig at royal tradition 

Following on from Meghan’s curtsy faux pas in the first set of episodes, she seemed to take a pop at her wedding venue.

In the documentary, she said how she’d been calm as she got ready for her big day.

Meghan went on to say: “So I knew that when I got to the actual castle… How funny is that to say? ‘When I got to the castle for my wedding’. That there’d be tons of people.

“What I didn’t know was people would be lining both sides of the streets.”

4. Oprah interview 

The Oprah interview has huge revelations of its own amid allegations of racism. 

Additionally, Meghan spoke more about the depression she’d suffered while she was part of the Royal Family.

She said: “I thought that me being very open about the depression that I experienced and just how extreme that became… I thought that would be the biggest takeaway.”

Adding: “But it was entirely eclipsed by the conversation surrounding race.”

5. Thomas Markle

Harry and Meghan also addressed the impact Thomas Markle had on them.

She said: “My dad started doing these interviews, mostly saying things about me,” she recalled.

“It was incredibly painful. And the world was watching this drama play out. And then he started criticising the Royal Family.”

Harry & Meghan is streaming on Netflix now 

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