Gregg Wallace hit with more Ofcom complaints over ‘human’ meat documentary

Gregg Wallace hit with more Ofcom complaints over ‘human’ meat documentary

August 2, 2023

Gregg Wallace talks about eating human meat

Gregg Wallace has been flooded with more Ofcom complaints following his Channel 4 mockumentary about eating “human meat”.

Initially, the programme was hit with 408 complaints by angry viewers, but a week after it first aired, another 393 people have complained.

Ofcom confirmed to the majority of complainants objected to the theme of the mockumentary, which explored the consumption of human meat.

The show titled Miracle Meat saw Gregg investigating a controversial new lab-grown meat product that its makers claimed could provide a solution to the cost-of-living crisis.

And while some fans saw the funny side of the documentary, others were less than impressed.

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Loose Women star Brenda Edwards also shared her disgust over the programme, telling her co-stars she found it “concerning”.

“I was so wound up after watching this 27-minute mockumentary, which I didn’t realise because it didn’t at any point in time when I started watching it say, ‘this is a mockumentary or this is not real’,” the TV star said after watching the show.

“And in a world of fake news where you just don’t know what to believe nowadays, it really concerned me and I was up all night just thinking somebody might soon come and eat me.”

The Masterchef star also broke his silence after the controversial mockumentary divided opinions.

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“Thank you for watching. I really enjoyed my first acting job,” Gregg joked with his Twitter followers.

In a caption accompanying the post, he added: “Satire. See Jonathan Swift ‘A Modest Proposal’.”

In Jonathan’s satirical essay, he proposes that the country ameliorate poverty in Ireland by butchering the children of the Irish poor and selling them as food to wealthy English landlords.

Despite the criticism, Jeremy Clarkson stepped in to defend Gregg, branding viewers who complained about it “daft”.

In his latest article for The Sun, the Clarkson’s Farm star wrote: “A greengrocer called Gregg Wallace has made a documentary on Channel 4 saying that we should eat humans.

“Sadly, a large number of people complained, not realising that it was a spoof.

“How could they be so daft? Obviously, we can’t eat humans because, as a rule, we don’t tend to eat anything that eats meat.”

“That’s why we don’t eat dogs or cats or hyenas. But we do eat sheep and cows and pigs and, if you’re French, horses,” he added.

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