GMB viewers switch off over Madeley’s ‘insensitive’ probe to mum of 3 hiding in Ukraine

GMB viewers switch off over Madeley’s ‘insensitive’ probe to mum of 3 hiding in Ukraine

March 14, 2022

GMB: Teacher defends school's Ukraine protest as 'not political'

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Olena Gnes has documented her young family’s life sheltering from the Russia-Ukraine war in Kyiv. The mum-of-three spoke to Richard Madeley and Susanna Reid on Good Morning Britain but ITV viewers took to social media to complain about the former’s choice of questions.

@FlopsyPickle tweeted: “Oh joy, Richard Madeley is getting to play military expert and get excited about nuclear weapons again . How many times will he ask women if they are going to use their guns this week? #GMB #goodmorningbritain.”

“@GMB why on earth are you persisting with the embarrassing Richard Madeley as a presenter given his appalling embarrassing and stupid questioning because he knows nothing and cringing listening to him interview ukranian family underground have you no shame it was disgusting!!” @Gargrave65 exclaimed. (sic)

@wayneharriman wrote: “@GMB Why would Richard Madeley feel the need to mention that 2 people have been killed in an explosion close to apartment where they’re interviewing a mother and her children in a basement. Producers, please have a word, incredibly insensitive.” (sic)

@chipiedavea suggested: “Perhaps it’s not a good idea for Richard Madeley to start talking about the war going nuclear to that poor woman hiding in her basement with her three children in Kiev? #GMB.”

@Elle_K100 remarked: “@GMB Why are we subjected to Richard Madeley again. As if things aren’t bad enough. Switching off!!!”

“@GMB still got Richard madeley omfg what’s wrong with you get that dinosaur off never watched when he started and never will pathetic,” @tonyach1972 wrote.

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