Gladiators star Cobra in hospital with pneumonia after years of ‘intense workouts’

Gladiators star Cobra in hospital with pneumonia after years of ‘intense workouts’

April 4, 2019 By mediabest

Gladiators star Cobra – real name Michael Wilson – is seriously ill in hospital with pneumonia after “destroying” his body with years of extreme workouts.

The 55-year-old was rushed into treatment three weeks ago after suffering pneumonia in both lungs, pleurisy, a ruptured bicep and needing two new hips.

Cobra found fame in the nineties when he starred on hit game show Gladiators – hosted by Ulrika Jonsson and John Fashanu.

The fitness extraordinnaire was rushed to hospital just before Christmas with severe acute pancreatitus – a painful condition, where your pancreas swells.

Speaking to The Sun, Michael explained: “I’m only half a Gladiator now. It’s been touch and go. I don’t feel like I’m kicking the bucket at the minute, but it will only take another cold or cough and I’m in trouble.

“I’m isolated in my own ward. It goes to show – you never know what’s round the corner.”

Michael told the publication he had “destroyed” his immune system with arthiritis after pushing his body to the extremes with intense workouts.

He continued: “I pushed the limit and listened to silly Arnold Schwarzenegger saying you’ve got to take more pain than your competitors.

“But pain is your body saying: ‘Oi, pack it in.’ You need to pull back, not push through. But for 20-plus years I was: push, push, push.”

Michael then confessed he would run for 10 miles before he even started one of his workouts in the gym.

The TV star, whose signature move on Gladiators was his impressive high-kick, now can’t even lift his arm due to a huge rupture in his shoulder.

He said: “There are no muscles left on the shoulder.”

Michael starred on Gladiators from 1992-2000.

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