Geordie Shore star exposes secret cast member who was completely axed from show

Geordie Shore star exposes secret cast member who was completely axed from show

August 28, 2022

Geordie Shore 's James Tindale has revealed there was once a secret housemate that was axed from the show.

The reality star, 32, exclusively told the Daily Star how there was a girl that was filmed for a whole series and then cut out of the show.

James said: "When we filmed one of the seasons there was a girl who lived in the house with us and they cut her from the whole show.

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"We all got there and there was a girl in there and she kind of like gave it the biggun and knew the chat to get on the show.

"But when she got on there and she actually has to show her personality, she fumbled and got lost between the bigger characters.

"She got totally cut out of the show – it was horrible. I don't even remember her name, I could even walk past her in the street and not recognise her, that's how interested I was.

"It was a few years ago now but I think when people get the opportunity to do a TV show you have to embrace it and enjoy it, you don't know when you will get another chance."

Looking further into what James said, it appears that the housemate was a Scottish lass called Marie who filmed for the show in 2011.

This was when the Tyneside show moved to Magaluf for the summer.

The blonde could still be seen appearing in some group shots of the Magaluf shows but was never seen doing any pieces to the camera and was near enough erased from the Geordie Shore history books.

Holly Hagan also confirmed the rumours of the secret TV star and once answered a Q&A on Instagram.

When asked if it was true that there was a cast member who was axed, Holly said: "Yes! Magaluf madness our summer special after series one there was a new girl from Scotland.

"I think they realised they wanted the show's cast to be kept to north east only and just completely cut her from the show.

"It was only a two ep special I believe so it wasn't that difficult to do but she's still randomly there in some scenes and no1 (sic) even questioned it when they watched the show at the time."

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