Gangs of London boss reveals the revolting axed moments from torture scene where teeth are gouged out with spoon – The Sun

Gangs of London boss reveals the revolting axed moments from torture scene where teeth are gouged out with spoon – The Sun

May 22, 2020

GANGS Of London may be the most violent TV show in British history, but it could have been a lot worse.

One of the series' directors revealed a revolting scene involving Wallace family matriarch, Marian (Michelle Fairley), torturing an enemy by gouging out her teeth with a spoon.

Gangs of London follows the aftermath of the execution of London crime boss Finn Wallace and the scramble for power that follows his murder.

Director Xavier Gens knew that when he took on the job working with Gangs of London creator and show runner Gareth Evans and fellow director Corin Hardy that he would be having to film some pretty graphic scenes.

He told "When I received the script for episode six I thanked Gareth to give me that project. I didn’t know last year what was the level of violence I can go through and when I saw Corin [Hardy] and Gareth were involved I knew we could go full on.

"I think the psychological violence in the episode is stronger than the graphic violence."

He added: "You have a sudden moment of violence but it’s very short. The first edit was more gory but when it’s too gory it kills the feeling of it.

‘To make the violence eating you and touching you and then your brain does the process of feeling it, I was really working on this and Michelle was really kind.

"She was really pushing for it, for example, the spoon thing. We shot much more of that originally."

The violence that made it to air left viewers "screaming like babies".

The scene involved Tove – played by Laura Bach – who was planted as a waitress at a Wallace family dinner, but before she could take out Sean Wallace (Joe Cole), she appeared to be killed herself.

However, in episode six it was revealed Tove was still alive but not out of the woods, as Marian attempted to get the truth out of her via torture.

The show, which has become notorious for its graphic violence and gore, saw Marian rip out Tove's fingernails as she tries to get answers.

Xavier Gens recently explained what was behind the torture scenes, telling Den of Geek: "For me it was most important to drive all the emotions and what happens in the present for the characters.


"For Marian Wallace it’s about her frustration at the betrayal she felt over Finn wanting to live with another woman – her husband cheating on her.

"She was one of the main pillars of the Wallace family, and so really when she’s torturing Tove, she is torturing Finn Wallace.

"She sees Finn in that woman. I really wanted to figure out how I could express that Lady MacBeth figure into the character of Marian Wallace.”

Gangs of London continues next Thursday at 9pm on Sky Atlantic. 

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