Fox Boss On Acquisitions, Overall Deals, Relationship With 20th TV, Relocating Friday Comedies & His Favorite Fox Shows

Fox Boss On Acquisitions, Overall Deals, Relationship With 20th TV, Relocating Friday Comedies & His Favorite Fox Shows

February 8, 2019

Following new Fox Entertainment CEO Charlie Collier’s TCA speech, in which he laid out his vision for “a new Day One” at the company as “a start-up with a $26 billion dollar valuation,” he elaborated on some aspects of his strategy for after Fox parts ways with its sister studio 20th Century Fox TV when the Disney acquisition is completed.

  • Would Fox finance series

“When we develop content that we want to make, we can take a deep breath and say, what’s the right structure to match this project,” Collier said. “If it’s a one-off like Rent, you are going to invest in it differently than if it’s an ongoing procedural that you expect to distribute into multiple windows. We’d probably take a license on the former and build a business around the latter… When we think it’s the right investment, we will finance, when we think it’s right to co-produce, we will do that,  when we think it’s the right thing to license, we will do that.”

  • Would Fox acquire production companies in lieu of having an affiliated studio

“I wouldn’t say acquiring production companies, I would say acquiring capabilities, acquiring companies that compound the value that we have at our core. If that happens to be a production company, sure. In respect to unscripted, we already have built some production capabilities, and we already have started to scale our capabilities for being not just the network but also be the format creator and the rights holder.”

  • Will Fox be in the overall deal business

“We do direct-to-network deals which are pretty unusual. Becoming signatory and treating those people the right way, and doing it with the right people, that flexibility is pretty magical.”

  • While one of Fox’s goals this season was to decrease its dependence on 20th TV, a little more than half of the network’s pilots this year still come from the soon-to-be-owned-by-Disney studio, and Collier indicated that the two companies will remain strong partners.

“The 20th relationship is great,” he said.

  • The arrival of WWE SmackDown Live next fall will displace Fox’s Friday comedy block anchored by Last Man Standing, the network’s top sitcom.

“What we know exists on the fall schedule is Thursday Night Football and Friday wrestling,” Collier said, referencing SmackDown, which airs on Friday.

Where will the Friday comedies go? “It will be during the week,” Collier said. “We want to see what we bring back and what the new pilots hold and build a schedule.”

  • What is Collier’s favorite Fox IP:

24, Prison Break, The X-Files on the drama side. if you are looking at the soaps, 90210, Melrose Place, and animation — there is a ton great there.”

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