Fleur East is eighth star booted from I’m A Celebrity after major results change

Fleur East is eighth star booted from I’m A Celebrity after major results change

December 8, 2018

Fleur East has become the eight star to leave I’m A Celebrity 2018.

The gutted 31-year-old former X Factor runner up received the fewest votes from the public and narrowly missed out on Sunday night’s grand finale.

Presenters Holly Willoughby and Dec Donnelly came into camp to reveal the sad news but made a major change – telling all of the stars "it might be you".

She looked sad to be going and reacted to the news by hugging Harry Redknapp and saying: “Oh guys, oh no. Oh Hazza

This year’s confirmed finalists are Harry Redknapp, John Barrowman and Emily Atack.

Speaking to hosts Dec and Holly, singer Fleur told how she felt the need to keep up morale on the show.

She said: “That is how I am, I like to be positive and I fell into that role to keep everyone up. I didn’t even realise how much it was happening.

“We were in each other’s arm pits the whole time, we were just like a little family sleeping on top of each other.

“It was nothing like I expected it was a lot harder and more challenging but so much more rewarding, I didn’t expect to learn so much as I did.

“We made so many good friends it was like family. People in there hadn’t heard my music so when Sax came on the in the pub and we got to dance together it was amazing."

Fleur did a number of trials throughout her time in camp and nearly always triumphed with maximum stars.

She said: “The minute I stepped in here I wanted to experience everything. The trial I did with John and I was so scary because I had to go under water.

“The pizza trial was so difficult. I have surprised myself massively about how brave I have been. Even looking at some of the trials I thought there was no way I could do it.”

Fleur spoke about her special bond with Harry and joked about "MC Hazza and DJ Flair" performing a duet.

Asked about her favourites in camp she picked out Harry ‘Hazza’ Redknapp saying: “I will miss Hazza terribly, he was like my dad in there. It was like I have known him for years and years.

“It has got to be Hazza to win, I would love to see him crowned king.

“I can’t wait to eat dirty food, like a dirty pizza and a dirty burrito.”

The last four campmates spoke about their best and worst moments in the jungle during their final dinner together.

Fleur said: “For me it is making friends for life and having that night in the Jungle Arms, I was like, I’m going to remember this moment here forever. My worst moment was when John and I did that Rotten Retrieval trial, I was really scared, the most terrified I’ve ever been. I feel like I can face anything now, I don’t think I will question myself anymore.”

Emily said: “Seeing our families was a real highlight, everything I have in my life I appreciate so much and will never take any of that for granted again. The viper pit trial was one of the most frightening things in my life but you need to know fear in order to overcome it, I got 9 stars out of 10 and it set me on a really good path.”

Harry said: “My highlight was the banquet, I’d not eaten for four days and to see that food I’d never forget that. I didn’t like the Dolls House, I wasn’t crazy about that. Other than that for me to go and ruin Frank Sinatra in front of millions of people…it has been amazing and I’ve loved every minute of it.”

John said: “I was frightened of the heights, the first one the cliff top I thought if this is the beginning where are they going to go with this? My best moment, even though I lost, was Drown and Out because one of my fears was being confined space in water, I got over it and got to know one of my friends I’ll have for life and that was Emily.”

In a nice change to proceedings there were a lack of conspiracy theories around tonight after the result was announced.

Earlier in the week, Dec poked fun at the "conspiracy theories" over the I’m A Celebrity exits that started popping up on social media.

He also took to Twitter to hit back at ‘fix’ claims after some viewers claimed Sair Khan knew she was going because she had ‘done her hair’.

Cheeky Dec joked: "If the conspiracy theories are anything to go by whoever had their backpack on."

Viewers speculated that the campmates already knew who was going because Noel Edmonds and Malique Thompson-Dwyer had their bags ready to go.

However, ITV have confirmed that all the campmates get their bags ready just in case they are given the boot.

Mirror Online revealed the truth behind the confusing incident, with a well-placed ITV source revealing it wasn’t just Malique who has his bags packed.

"All the contestants pack up whatever they want to bring with them before Dec and Holly go into camp," the insider said.

“Malique was the only contestant with his backpack on but if you looked around camp there were lots of other bags packed on the floor ready to go.

“It is also up to contestants exactly how much of their stuff they want to take out of camp.

“It looked like Malique put his bag on as he knew there was a good chance it would be him.

"He was the least famous of the people in there and hadn’t made a big impression.”

I’m A Celebrity airs tonight on ITV at 9pm

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