Fear the Walking Dead Recap: [Spoiler] Is Made a Heartbreaking Casualty of Sarah's Desperate Search for Wendell

Fear the Walking Dead Recap: [Spoiler] Is Made a Heartbreaking Casualty of Sarah's Desperate Search for Wendell

November 8, 2021

C’mon, Fear the Walking Dead. Did you have to? Did you really have to? In Sunday’s episode, the AMC drama killed off perhaps the most loved character this side of Dog. And we’re so pissed, we’re gonna need a minute to process it. Shall we spend that minute recapping? Let’s (grr!) give it (grr!) a shot (grr!).

After Sarah woke up post-nuclear blast among friends (Al, Charlie, Lucy, Wes, Daniel, all given about a line apiece), she made it her mission to locate her long-MIA “twin” brother Wendell. In no time, her efforts had drawn the attention of Emile’s twin brother Josiah, who offered to find Wendell for her — in exchange for Morgan’s actual head to place in the box in which he was carrying around Emile’s zombified one. Sarah, as you’d expect her to be, was reluctant, but Josiah wasn’t too keen on taking no or anything resembling it for an answer.

Before long, the duo, along with Rufus (who you’ll recall somehow came into Josiah’s possession), ran afoul of a Stalker whose barn full of stripped-down walkers also housed… Wendell’s wheelchair! Freaking out, Sarah attacked the guy, who in turn let loose a bunch of walkers. She then tried to leave Josiah behind, speeding off in his Park Ranger truck. When he still managed to get into the vehicle, she drove it off a cliff with them and Rufus in it.

Would no one ever freaking think about the dog? It wasn’t like he had a seatbelt!

Because this is TV, everyone survived the crash — even Rufus — but they were trapped in the truck… and right next to a much-ballyhooed leaky nuclear warhead. What are the odds, right? Sarah walkie-talkie’d Morgan for help, but only because she was sure that Josiah wasn’t really a killer. (Mmkay… )

When ultimately, Morgan arrived to assist the unlikely tag team in fending off walkers, Josiah said that Sarah was right. He wasn’t going to kill Morgan — Emile was. With that, he pulled out his brother’s head as if to let it bite Morgan. When it was sent flying in the ensuing dustup, guess who got bitten?

Uh-huh. Rufus. “What have I done?” cried Josiah as we rhetorically cried, “What have you done?” This show… seriously.

After Rufus was buried, Morgan, Sarah and Josiah made tracks to Victor’s tower to see if Wendell was there. And upon arriving, Strand gleefully revealed that not only was Sarah’s brother there, he was thriving. But if Victor sent Wendell out to see Sarah, whose loyalty had been lacking, in Victor’s estimation, there was no going back.

So Sarah begged Strand not to even tell Wendell that she had been there. She would go back to the Pennsylvania with Morgan. And as for Josiah? Well, he was welcome to join them, but he preferred to go it alone for a while longer. Because in a zombie-infested post-nuclear wasteland, that makes sense.

Finally, as “Breathe With Me” exhaled for the last time, we learned that the Stalkers, whose purpose frankly remained utterly unclear, had obtained that leaky nuclear warhead. And still no Alicia. No Isabelle. But we had time to kill Rufus? Argh. What did you think of the episode? Are you gripped by the way that Season 7 is developing? Hit the comments with your reviews.

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