Fate The Winx Saga fans outraged over Netflix drama’s ‘unnecessary’ drug scenes: ‘Why!’

Fate The Winx Saga fans outraged over Netflix drama’s ‘unnecessary’ drug scenes: ‘Why!’

January 23, 2021

Fate: The Winx Saga teaser released by Netflix

Winx: The Fate Saga dropped on Netflix with six action-packed and fantasy-filled episodes on January 22 as Winx Club fans got to see their favourite animated adventure series adapted into an all-new teen drama. From the off, Netflix had stamped a mature rating on the show, citing the show’s moderate violence and use of alcohol, drugs and smoking – something worlds away from the original cartoon series.

However, this hasn’t sat well with a number of fans who’ve binged their way through every episode within the first few days of its release.

In Fate: The Winx Saga, fans follow Bloom (played by Abigail Cowen) who goes on a mission to discover the truth about her roots as a fairy.

After being brought up as a human, the changeling – a fairy kidnapped and exchanged for a human baby at birth – goes on a mission of self-discovery and uncovers some rather dark truths about her origins.

Bloom delves into the Otherworld to try and find out the truth and soon finds herself crossing paths with a number of other magical and mysterious teens along the way.

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Where Netflix’s new show diverts from the original animated series, however, is that it addresses some of the themes synonymous with many other teen dramas.

These range from underage drinking and smoking to drug use throughout. 

And while it may have been expected from many Winx: The Fate Saga viewers given Netflix’s certification of the drama, several voiced their opinions on the mature take to the story.

Making their displeasure known on social media, one fan said: “About Winx adaptation: why do Netflix and studios, in general, thinks that we need sex, alcohol and drugs contents in these kinds of shows?”

A second concurred: “Drinking and using drugs, and that’s not even getting into the actual comparisons between what it’s supposed to be BASED ON and Fate. I’ll start episode five in a bit, but honestly? The show is feeling less and less like Winx.”

“Winx Club was good enough for them to stick to the original story etc,” weighed in a third. “The cursing, drugs, melodramatics etc were unnecessary. 

“God knows we have enough shows with that already.”

And a fourth added to this line of response, as they furiously joined in: “LEGIT MADE WINX CLUB ABOUT KIDS BEING EDGY, DOING DRUGS AND HAVING SEX?????”

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“Well I lost all of my hope for the series,” a fifth disappointed viewer tweeted. “Sex, drugs is really what Netflix means by mature. I guess that I will stick with the first four seasons #Fatethewinxsaga.”

The reaction spilt onto Reddit also, as one fan said: “They seem to shove drugs in at every excuse feels very forced. They also took all the fun out of Stella.”

However, despite the major overhaul to the tone of the series from Winx Club, there was still a number of the fandom who praised the teen drama.

“#FateTheWinxSaga is easily my new favourite adolescent drama,” another viewer added to the debate. “It can def replace a few of the other options on Netflix for me. I love a good sci-fi romance.” (Sic)

While a second agreed: “#FateTheWinxSaga I can’t stop thinking about this show and I want season 2 NOW. I love fairies since I was a kid and I’ve always had a thing for fantasy genre with the chosen one.”

Ahead of the show’s debut, creator Brian Young had made his intentions to adapt the drama for an “older audience” clear.

“Winx Club is such a beloved show with so many great characters and rich stories. Our goal with Fate was to play in that world, but also introduce new elements, characters, and storylines for an older audience,” he said.

“One that either grew up with the cartoon or that hasn’t seen it but loves grounded storytelling. I’ve always been a huge fantasy fan, and telling those big stories in a grounded, relatable way is what’s most exciting to me about Fate.”

Fate: The Winx Saga is available to stream on Netflix now. 

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