Eve trashes the house amid Stacey and Lily's social worker visit in EastEnders

Eve trashes the house amid Stacey and Lily's social worker visit in EastEnders

August 11, 2023

Eve Unwin (Heather Peace) is set to have her world turned upside down in EastEnders, but could her actions lead to dire consequences for Stacey and Lily Slater (Lacey Turner and Lillia Turner)?

In upcoming scenes, Eve will catch wind of a woman asking around for her, and decides to investigate who it is.

‘Eve has been going out a lot since the Suki break up – and when she goes out, she doesn’t know when to stop!’ Actress Heather Peace revealed.

‘So, she thinks, “If this girl knows me, I must have met her while I was out.” I guess, somewhere in the depths of her mind, Eve knows she has seen her face before, and she’s just putting two and two together.’

After agreeing to a date with mysterious ‘Amanda’, Eve finds that there is a severe lack of spark and makes excuses to leave, but is soon stopped in her tracks when ‘Amanda’ reveals that she is actually Caroline, and she’s hiding a big secret.

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‘It’s a massive chunk of Eve’s history coming back to haunt her, and this is pretty much the most shocking person she could bump into,’ Heather teased. 

The bombshell leaves Eve reeling, and she soon turns to Stacey for support.

Stacey urges her to forget about Caroline, but Eve can’t seem to let it rest, deciding to meet with her again.

Meanwhile, Stacey is preparing for a visit from the social workers, as her viability assessment approaches. She is eager to impress, knowing that they will be checking to see if she is a suitable guardian for Lily’s baby.

However, all of her hard work is put in jeopardy when Eve returns home and trashes the kitchen in a fit of rage.

Stacey and Lily try their best to distract the social worker, while stalker Theo Hawthorne (William Ellis) feigns concern for Eve.

Will Eve’s outburst affect the outcome of the assessment, and what exactly has got her so worked up?

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