Eustice sparks uproar on BBC Breakfast over cost of living claim ‘We’ve done what we can’

Eustice sparks uproar on BBC Breakfast over cost of living claim ‘We’ve done what we can’

May 4, 2022

George Eustice slapped down over cost of living crisis

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Current Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs George Eustice claimed Boris Johnson’s government has been doing everything it can to tackle the rising cost of energy bills. However, BBC Breakfast presenter Sally Nugent was left unconvinced as she accused the Prime Minister of not doing enough to subdue the rising cost of living, and viewers took to Twitter to criticise Eustice’s response.

Nugent accused Johnson of “looking for £20 notes down the back of the sofa” as she grilled Eustice on the government’s attempts to aid the cost of living.

Eustice claimed: “The point he was making is one that he and Rishi Sunak have made in recent months.

“So far we’ve done what we’re able to do to help people through this difficult point.

“Through those measures on energy costs, through the national living wage, through some changes to the taper rate on Universal Credit, and also a £1billion household support fund for local authorities so that they can address individual cases of need.”

However, many BBC viewers were unimpressed with Eustice’s response given the skyrocketing energy bills millions will have to pay in the coming months.

Hugh Moan tweeted: “I don’t tweet profanity very often but George Eustice appears to be saying “**** the poor” if they receive benefits.

“The government would borrow to buy weapons or bail out dodgy bankers. But the poor? Qu’ils mangent du gâteau.”


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