Ethan questions his career after Billy is racially attacked in Emmerdale

Ethan questions his career after Billy is racially attacked in Emmerdale

April 29, 2022

Ethan Anderson (Emile John) was left feeling incredibly torn in tonight’s episode of Emmerdale following Billy Chapman’s (Jay Kontzle) racial attack.

This week, Ethan was tasked with representing Jordan.

Upon returning home, the penny soon dropped that Jordan racially attacked Billy, Ethan’s friend and neighbour.

Tonight, problems continued for Ethan as Billy couldn’t understand why he was continuing to represent Jordan.

Ethan found the situation incredibly daunting. On the one hand, Ethan has a job to do – he’s a passionate lawyer keen to progress in his career.

But on the other hand, Ethan is – understandably – clearly struggling with the idea of representing someone who attacked a man just because of their skin colour.

The job of a lawyer is of course to ensure their client walks free or receives a small charge, which frustrates Billy – who of course thinks Jordan needs to be banged up.

Class comes into play here as well in this storyline. Billy told Ethan that because he wears a suit, has a high-powered job and has a vicar as a father, he’s barely faced any problems in his life.

Ethan then reminded Billy that when he first arrived in the village, he was racially profiled by a police officer – who thought he was carrying drugs.

It’s a difficult time for Ethan, who wondered whether he even wants to be a lawyer at the end of tonight’s episode.

But will he continue to represent Jordan?

Or change his mind?

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