Escape to the Country's Jonnie Irwin locks horns with 'hard to please' buyer as house gutted for modern makeover

Escape to the Country's Jonnie Irwin locks horns with 'hard to please' buyer as house gutted for modern makeover

March 12, 2021

ESCAPE to the Country host Jonnie Irwin locked horns with 'hard to please' buyer.

The property expert had his work cut out as he tried to find a modern house without a kitchen island for a potential buyer.

In an episode from 2017, hopeful customers Helen and Chris endeavoured to move to the countryside and their search for a new home took place in South Wales.

The house needed to be within a 45-minute driving radius of their grandchildren who lived in Newport and the couple had a budget of £600,000.

The first house they saw was in the northern Monmouthshire village of Cross Ash, before visiting the second property in Osbaston, a four/five-bedroom house in a suburb of the historic market town of Monmouth.

Helen was not impressed with the kitchen in the second home as she explained: "It’s been done nicely, wouldn’t be something I would choose. This centre – most people like islands, I don’t like them.” 

This lead Jonnie to say: "I think Helen is going to be the hardest one to please here, it’s very chrome-y, it’s got a lot of chrome, that’s just the first impression.”

She was more enamoured with the mystery house which can be found close to the hamlet Llangattock in Powys, the small town of Crickhowell.

Explaining details about the property, Jonnie revealed: “The original part of the house you can see, that’s 19th century, this new extension, that was finished in 2014. Most importantly, amazing views.”

A happy-looking Helen enthused: "It’s so private! It’s lovely,” and Chris chimed in: “Looks pretty much what we’re looking for; nice slate room, traditional style.”

“Well, Helen, not an island to be seen!” Jonnie exclaimed as she was not a fan of the feature in the middle of the kitchen, and Helen said: “No, love it!”

The Mystery House was up for sale for approximately £599,000 which came as a “surprise” to the couple, as they thought it would be valued within the region of £630,000 or £650,000.

Assuming he already knew the answer, Jonnie asked which property they liked the most and Helen did not hesitate.

"It’s a bit obvious, isn’t it! The whole set-up was something we would like," she respsonded.

Chris added the property is close to their ideal home and they planned to view it again soon, with the hope of putting an offer in if everything went according to plan.

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