Emmerdale’s Isabel Hodgins’ co-star romance and the ‘fling that rocked cast’

Emmerdale’s Isabel Hodgins’ co-star romance and the ‘fling that rocked cast’

June 19, 2022

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Emmerdale actress Isabel Hodgins, 28, have been part of the soap ever since she was offered the role when she was just 12.

The star has been involved in some dramatic scenes ever since she joined the cast, as well as having some behind the scenes drama as well.

The star that plays the character of Victoria Sugden has had a rocky love life on screen but this seems to have crept into her private life.

Isabel shared an off-screen romance with co-star Michael Parr but it didn't seem to last.

Michael first joined Isabel in the soap back in 2013 but their shared storylines led them to become closer in their personal lives as well.

The couple first shared a romantic storyline in 2016 when Michael's character Ross kissed Victoria but it resulted in him getting a slap across the face.

But this was controversial as Victoria was married to Michael's half brother Adam Barton at the time.

The pair decided to keep their off-screen romance under wraps for a couple of years but decided to come clean in 2016 when they went on a romantic trip to Paris together and both shared photos from the same location.

However, it wasn't plain sailing from here as they hit some bumps in the road as rumours flew of Isabel having an affair with another cast member.

Rumours spread that Isabel was involved in another romance with co-star Danny Miller but Michael and Isabel decided to work through it.

A source told the publication at the time: "Michael was also angry. He thought he and Danny were close friends.

"The tension between them caused major problems on set, because Michael made it crystal clear he didn’t want to be around Danny. The revelations caused arguments among the cast who split into two camps."

Michael and Isabel continued with their relationship until 2019, when Michael decided to move to America for new work opportunities.

A source told The Sun : "They drifted apart and felt it was better to be mates. He has been throwing himself into his social life and has just been on a lads' hol and she is focusing on work, they're both young and want to follow their dreams."

Isabel has continued her role as Victoria in Emmerdale. Recently Victoria was proposed to by David Metcalfe, which she rejected.

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