Emmerdale will go head-to-head with EastEnders in ratings war as soap moves time slot

Emmerdale will go head-to-head with EastEnders in ratings war as soap moves time slot

January 31, 2022

EMMERDALE is set to go head-to-head with EastEnders in a soap ratings war after the show switched time slots.

The ITV series will face off with the BBC drama for one-week only due to a huge scheduling clash.

Emmerdale is being moved due to Wednesday’s National Television Awards, and its new slot puts it directly in competition with EastEnders next week.

The shows will both be battling for viewers with two explosive story lines.

Emmerdale is preparing for the long-awaited return of Debbie Dingle while Albert Square has is set for a major disaster which producers have been keen to keep under wraps.

The BBC show has also kept viewers hooked with the long-running story of the secret Mitchell baby.

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Debbie, played by Charley Webb, is set to cause trouble as she returns to the DalesCredit: ITV

Emmerdale is set to be rocked by an epic showdown between Debbie Dingle and her mum Charity as the bedroom drama with Ross Barton is finally exposed on her return to the Dales.

Debbie, played by Charley Webb, has been in France for the last year but she is now set for an explosive comeback.

The actress has revealed the character is set for a "cat fight" between the pair over the soap stud.

Debbie's return to the village airs at 7pm next Tuesday, and it will clash the big reveal over on BBC1 as EastEnders fires up another huge plot line.

Next week's EastEnders episodes will revolve around a shocking "incident" that has been kept under wraps so far.

The new story line will start at the end of the Monday night episode and fans will have to tune in on Tuesday to find out what happens.

But they could be torn between watching the drama in Walford or on the Dales due to the time slot clash.

Emmerdale will be on ITV at 7pm on Tuesday next week, and EastEnders will air at the same time on BBC1.

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