Emmerdale theory: Mackenzie Boyd to adopt Moses Dingle as Ross Barton killed off

Emmerdale theory: Mackenzie Boyd to adopt Moses Dingle as Ross Barton killed off

July 26, 2022

Emmerdale: Mackenzie Boyd discusses Eric's collapse

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Mackenzie (played by Lawrence Robb) and his girlfriend, Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins), made their relationship official last October, with the Emmerdale heartthrob being slowly integrated into the family. With Ross Barton (Michael Parr) living away from the village, his son Moses Dingle (Arthur Cockroft) didn’t really have a steady father figure until Mackenzie came long. Although the pair have developed a bond over the past few months on the ITV soap, it seems Moira Barton’s (Natalie J Robb) brother might end up raising the boy as his own.

Tuesday night’s episode of the weeknight serial drama began with Mackenzie telling his sister he was looking after Moses for the day.

The heartthrob ran through the itinerary, explaining how they were going to be a proper father and son duo whilst Charity was working at the pub.

It seemed the pair were having quite the day as the latest instalment continued but the boys decided to stop off and see Charity.

This was also after she received the news her son, Noah Dingle (Jack Downham), was being released from prison later in the week.

Ranting about her son was shutting her out, Mackenzie tried to level with his girlfriend who was pleased to see him bonding with her youngest.

With Moses missing Noah, the youngster said he wanted to see his older brother but trying to offer a distraction, Mackenzie told him they had lots more to do.

“Right, back to the fun trail, mate. Uncle Cain’s garage next and if you’re lucky, he might even let you drive one of his cars,” the heartthrob explained.

He reiterated to Charity he was joking, to which she thanked her boyfriend for looking after him for the day.

Mackenzie replied: “I like responsibility. I quite like it. We’re best buds,” with Moses agreeing with his father figure.

As Charity continued to worry about Noah, she was content with the fact one of her sons was on the straight and narrow and she was pleased her boyfriend was watching over him.

We’re best buds

Mackenzie Boyd

Charity would never try to replace Ross in Moses’ life, with the character who now lives away from the village, often seeing his son.

However, in upcoming scenes on the show, it could be revealed Ross has been killed off-screen, meaning Mackenzie would have to step up to the plate.

Although Ross never met Mackenzie, he could have known his son was being cared for by someone who had his best interests at heart.

In his will, the absent character could state he would want Mackenzie to adopt his young son to ensure Moses still had a father.

Mackenzie has had more of a paternal instinct since he has been in a relationship with Charity, becoming like a father to not only Moses but Noah as well.

Knowing his girlfriend isn’t wanting any more children, he could happily adopt Moses and raise the youngster as if he was his own.

Having always wanted a child, this could make Mackenzie whole and complete his redemption from being a villain to a beloved father.

As his own father wasn’t caring towards him or had much time for him, Mackenzie would want Moses to have someone he could look up to.

He also would remind Moses who his real father was and how much Ross loved him.

Could the heartthrob be ready to get his happy ending or will there be more hurdles along the way for him as he tries to become a father?

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The door has always been left open for the actor who played Ross, Michael, to return to the show following his exit in 2018.

However, the soap star recently announced he was making a move away from television in his latest role back on the stage.

It has been revealed he will be starring in the stage production of Rita, Sue and Bob Too at the St Helens Theatre Royal in Windlehurst.

This isn’t the first time Michael has starred in a role on this stage as in 2005, he appeared in a production of the Blues Brothers.

Discussing his past there, the actor said: “St Helens Theatre Royal is where it all began for me really.”

“This is where I realised that I wanted to be a professional actor,” the soap star continued to explain in a statement.

“Being back here, it really does feel like things have come full circle, it’s a wonderful feeling. I can only hope that I can inspire someone the way I was [inspired] all those years ago.”

Therefore, this could mean writers and prepared to write Ross out of the world of Emmerdale altogether as Michael embarks on this new venture.

However, what dodgy deal will Ross have got himself involved in which would lead to his ultimate demise and leave his partner, Rebecca White (Emily Head), heartbroken?

Emmerdale airs weekdays at 7:30pm on ITV, with an hour-long episode airing on Thursdays.

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