Emmerdale star reveals Chloe's manipulation of Sarah to silence her

Emmerdale star reveals Chloe's manipulation of Sarah to silence her

January 12, 2023

Upcoming episodes of Emmerdale see Mackenzie (Lawrence Robb) become desperate to keep the secret that Chloe (Jessie Elland) is pregnant with his baby from Charity (Emma Atkins), a task that becomes increasingly hard because Chloe is living under the same roof with Charity’s family.

He tells Chloe that he’s paid the deposit on a flat for her, but she’s upset and angry that he’s taken this action without talking to her about it first. Their argument is overheard by Sarah (Katie Hill), who puts two and two together and realises that Mackenzie must be the father of Chloe’s baby – and asks her straight out if that’s the case.

Jessie Elland told us that Chloe finds it hard not to tell her friend everything. ‘They are so close and she feels awful about keeping it a secret,’ she revealed, but acknowledged that her character has no choice based on the situation she finds herself in.

‘it’s necessary for her survival to keep it a secret,’ she said. Chloe manipulates Sarah into backing down by saying she’d never do anything to hurt her friend’s family.

‘She’s trying to claim her own autonomy over the situation,’ Jessie explained. ‘I also think, in a way, it adds to more of the tension because they all get on as a unit, Chloe and Charity and Sarah. Because there isn’t any malice in it or blackmail, it’s almost worse knowing there is this secret.’

She said that Chloe is ‘Superficially very calm and collected about it,’ but this is because Mackenzie is completely panicking over the situation and Chloe feels she has no option but to be the one in control.

‘Underneath is all these different layers of panicking, but because of how much Mackenzie is panicking and floundering, she’s like: “We’re going to do X, Y, Z and it’s going to be fine.”’

And as far as Sarah is concerned, Chloe is prepared to say whatever is necessary to keep her friend from sharing her suspicions with Charity.

‘I think Chloe is able to deal with it quite well,’ Jessie said.

‘She’s quite confident in her ability to manipulate or conceal the truth. In her ideal world, it would be kept a secret and everything would go on as usual.

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