Emmerdale Spoilers: Michelle Hardwick reveals Vanessa's attraction to Suzy

Emmerdale Spoilers: Michelle Hardwick reveals Vanessa's attraction to Suzy

March 29, 2022

Michelle Hardwick has teased her next Emmerdale storyline, saying that for her character Vanessa Woodfield, ‘there is definitely an attraction there’ as she gets to know newcomer Suzy (Martelle Edinborough).

This follows a near-kiss between Vanessa and ex-fiancée Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins), after which Vanessa reiterated that there was no going back for the pair.

Vanessa and Suzy will meet onscreen this week in quite a disastrous way, but it’s not until the following week that they form something of a connection as they cross paths in the Woolpack.

Speaking to Metro.co.uk and other media, Michelle explained how the pair will come to be in each other’s orbit again.

‘When they bump into each other for the second time, Vanessa has been having a bit of a dabble online on some dating apps with Matty. He is showing her the ropes and how to do the swiping left or swiping right.

‘There is one day when she is sitting in the Woolpack on her own and he’s like, “How’s it going?” and he’s also talking to Bob behind the bar and tells him that Vanessa is having a little look and thinking about maybe getting back out there on the dating scene.’

‘Then Suzy comes into the bar, and she was supposed to be meeting Priya for a work meeting – and so Bob just goes, “Well, if you are looking for a bit of company, Vanessa is sat over there”.’

‘We look at each other and it’s like, “Oh no! It’s that mad woman who ran into me with her car and cake went everywhere!” So there’s a little bit of harmless argy-bargy with them and then Vanessa is like, “Oh this is ridiculous, come on, it was a mistake, let me buy you a drink and then it goes from there. ‘

And as Michelle revealed, it’s not long before the conversation turns flirty, and Vanessa suddenly finds she has a potential new love interest!

‘They are both sat there chatting and it turns into a little bit of flirty banter without either of them realising it’s going to do that. There is definitely an attraction there on Vanessa’s part during that meeting, that second meeting.’

That spark between Vanessa and Suzy leads to them setting up a dinner date, but you’ll have to wait and see whether romance blossoms as a result!

And how will Charity react?

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