Emmerdale: Matty Barton's new romance explained as Amy Wyatt actress speaks out

Emmerdale: Matty Barton's new romance explained as Amy Wyatt actress speaks out

September 9, 2020

EMMERDALE actress Natalie Ann Jamieson has thrown her support behind her character Amy’s blossoming relationship with Matty Barton.

But are they going to get together in the ITV soap? Here’s the lowdown…

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Are Amy and Matty going to get together in Emmerdale?

Emmerdale are yet to confirm whether Amy and Matty strike up a romance, but that hasn’t stopped fans hoping they’ll get together. 

One fan tweeted: "Amy deserves happiness. / Matty deserves happiness. I am here for their relationship."

Another viewer added: "I wonder if they will do a transgender pregnancy storyline with Matty if him and Amy work out #Emmerdale."

However, spoilers have revealed that Tracy Metcalfe will set out to sabotage Amy and Matty's blossoming relationship. 

Viewers know that Tracy still hasn’t forgiven Amy for the role she played in her dad Frank Clayton’s death last year.

Might Tracy finally expose Amy's part in her dad's death – and sabotage her reputation in the village?

What’s happened so far between Matty and Amy in Emmerdale?

Monday night’s episode of Emmerdale saw Marlon apologise to Amy for driving a wedge between the pair after Amy assumed Matty had stolen Al’s pizza delivery – when it was actually Marlon who’d sabotaged the order. 

Marlon invited Amy to a pizza tasting with him and Matty to apologise, and Mandy was quick to realise that Amy has the hots for Matty. 

Amy then confided in Mandy that she was worried Matty didn't feel the same way.

What has Natalie Ann Jamieson said about Amy and Matty’s new romance in Emmerdale?

Speaking to Digital Spy about her character's new romance, Amy actress Natalie Ann Jamieson said: "I don't think Amy has had much (luck with men) in her life, people who are just really good souls and they are not out for something of their own. Especially with partners, she's had a bit of a bad run in that sense.

Throwing her support behind Amy and Matty, Natalie added: "I think when she starts to see that Matty is a genuine and nice guy, she's like, 'Do you know what? I'm ready to have somebody who is genuinely good as a partner.' She thinks Matty is that person… I'd love to see Amy and Matty get together, that'd be really cute."

Speaking about what would happen if Emmerdale villagers discovered her character’s role in Frank’s death, Natalie added: "It's always an interesting thing with Emmerdale.

"You look at the different characters and think, 'What would they say if they found out?' and then you think about what they are already hiding for themselves or other people.

"Then you start to think, 'Wow! They couldn't really take the moral high ground, could they?' with everything Moira's done. (Matty) might be the perfect person to find out, but you never know how people will react."

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