Emmerdale Kyle exposed, EastEnders wedding shocker and 18 more soap spoilers

Emmerdale Kyle exposed, EastEnders wedding shocker and 18 more soap spoilers

December 13, 2022

‘Tis the season to be jolly, but there’s little reason to be cheerful for the residents of our favourite serial dramas, with tense discoveries and emotional heartache aplenty.

Coronation Street sees two marriage twists on the cards, with Daniel Osbourne and Tyrone Dobbs both plotting to marry their respective loves.

Speaking of weddings, Mick Carter and Janine Butcher prepare to tie the knot in EastEnders, but will it go ahead without a hitch – so to speak?

Emmerdale, meanwhile, sees Kyle Winchester speak to PC Swirling, which leaves Moira Dingle and Amy Wyatt in shock – can they stop him from spilling the beans?

Christmas comes early in Hollyoaks, with the festive episodes airing the week before the big day, and it’s an emotional one for Juliet Nightingale, as she decides to tell Peri Lomax and Nadira Valli about her cancer diagnosis.

It’s all kicking off, that’s for sure, and here’s all of the biggest developments on the cards.

Coronation Street

Damon invites Jacob for a drink, but Jacob coldly turns him down. Amy is shocked to realise that Damon is his dad, as Jacob reveals that he hasn’t heard from him in years, branding him a ‘waste of space’. Under Amy’s orders, Jacob meets with Damon, who’s angry to hear that Harvey got Jacob dealing drugs and put him in hospital. Jacob implores his dad to leave, worried his new life will be destroyed.

Fiz suggests that she and Tyrone book a cottage in the Lakes for Christmas, leaving Tyrone’s worried that his wedding plans could be scuppered. Fiz later frets over Christmas Day, while Ty shares a secret smile with Hope and Ruby, predicting that it’s going to be the best Christmas ever. Fiz, however, laments to Maria that she suspects it will be the worst Christmas ever.

Daniel intends to propose to Daisy, but things take a shock turn. No.1 is burgled and all the Christmas presents have gone from under the tree. Steve reports the burglary to the police as Daniel tells Jenny that the thieves took the engagement ring!


Shirley is on a mission to expose Janine, and her suspicions are raised when she overhears Janine on the phone to a mystery man named ‘Steve’, and later eavesdrops on a discussion between the schemer and her daughter Scarlett. Shirley subsequently quizzes Scarlett, who remains tight-lipped, but she soon stumbles upon the photo of Frankie – which contains evidence of Janine’s crimes.

On the morning of the wedding, Mick is conflicted, and he asks everyone to leave so that he make the final touches alone. Linda interrupts his moment of solitude, and the former lovers share a heart-to-heart, with the landlady offering her former beau a way out of his wedding to Janine. Janine awaits Mick’s arrival, fearing that he’s going to jilt her.

Alfie is keen to cast Kat as Snow White in his panto, but Honey blows her audition out of the park, meaning that she lands the leading role. But Honey falls ill, so Alfie begs Kat to take part. Kat ultimately agrees, but makes it clear she’s not kissing him. The duo are forced to ad-lib their scenes, and Alfie makes a big speech, and it’s quite clear that he’s talking about his love for Kat. He goes to plant a kiss on Snow White – but will she let him do so?

Keeble is on a mission to track down missing Phil, and thus upcoming scenes see her pay Kat a visit, threatening to drag him back in handcuffs if he fails to return home. Phil subsequently sets foot back in the Square, leaving Kat fuming, but it’s Billy who dishes out a case of this-is-how-it-is, as he berates his cousin for abandoning him when he needed him the most. 


Charity is less than impressed as Chloe and Amy arrive at Esther’s christening and war soon ensues, as a fight breaks out between her and Amy, which is witnessed by PC Swirling. They’re questioned and subsequently released, and Mack tries to get Chloe to drop her statement.

Moira and Amy lose sight of Kyle at the choir event, and later see him talking to PC Swirling! They swoop in before Kyle can reveal anything, but Swirling is left troubled by their behaviour.

Cain is handed a letter from someone who has been writing to him frequently, but he tears it up. Isaac and Kyle, meanwhile, receive Christmas gifts from an unknown person. Moria pays Cain a visit, hoping to get answers, but Cain hides his concerns. Cain, meanwhile, receives a card from Faith, but he’s not ready to read it yet.


Juliet attends her first chemo session, still keeping the truth from her closest friends and family, lying to both Nadira and Peri in a bid to keep her secret. Nadira and Peri, however, know Juliet is lying, and thus resolve to find out why. Fed up with all the fighting, Juliet blurts out that she’s got cancer. Peri reacts badly, while Nadira offers support, as Juliet decides to tell mum Donna-Marie about her diagnosis.

Romeo struggles to process Theresa’s departure, and as Christmas approaches, his feelings only intensify as he comes to realise that he cannot live without his beloved T. In emotional scenes, he breaks the news to his loved ones that he’s leaving for Spain to reunite with Theresa.

Mercedes asks Felix to stay for Christmas Day, but Bobby is unhappy. He confronts Felix and warns him off Mercedes. A commotion breaks out, and the turkey is burnt, forcing Felix to go shopping at Price Slice. Bobby follows and locks him in the storeroom, before lighting a match and starting a fire! Unbeknown to Bobby, however, Felix has already gone back to the McQueens, meaning that it’s not actually Felix locked inside. It’s DeMarcus!


Old feelings resurface for Sam and Ricky in EastEnders (Picture: BBC / Jack Barnes / Kieron McCarron)

  • George plans a Christmas surprise for Eileen in Coronation Street
  • Sam and Ricky grow closer in EastEnders
  • Marcus is alarmed in Emmerdale
  • Tony decides to play Santa in Hollyoaks
  • Max heads off with Griff in Coronation Street
  • Lola is dealt devastating news in EastEnders
  • Nate is left gutted in Emmerdale
  • Warren is determined to win his kids back in Hollyoaks

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