Emmerdale fans ‘work out’ Tom King’s link to Nicky and Caleb

Emmerdale fans ‘work out’ Tom King’s link to Nicky and Caleb

May 4, 2023

Emmerdale: Tom and Belle talk to Jimmy and Nicola

During Wednesday night’s Emmerdale, Tom King (played by James Chase) came face to face with his aunty and uncle for the first time in years.

Jimmy King (Nick Miles) and Nicola King (Nicola Wheeler) got the shock of theIr lives when they bumped into Tom in the cafe.

Tom has returned to the village to rekindle his romance with Belle Dingle (Eden Taylor-Draper), and the duo have been sneaking around ever since.

Tom’s true intentions are unclear, and with a lot of newcomers arriving in the village lately, fans have grown suspicious of him.

One eagle-eyed fan even suggested he could be secretly linked to Nicky (Lewis Cope) and Caleb Milligan (Will Ash).

They also questioned whether Tom is Nicky’s “old friend” Ally, who also recently arrived in the village.

Many seem to think the pair could be connected in some way – but what are they hiding?

In the cafe, Jimmy and Nicola quizzed their nephew on why he hadn’t been in touch and why he was back in the village.

Jimmy asked: “You’re working nearby, apparently you’re seeing Belle who lives nearby.”

“And you couldn’t pop in and say hello?” Nicola chipped in. “We’re still family.”

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“It’s not like I am avoiding you,” Tom insisted. “The other day I dropped around to yours and you were out.

“I have been busy and finding Belle again, I promise we will catch up soon.”

Despite Nicola trying to invite Tom around for Lunch, both he and Jimmy made an excuse not to.

Following the episode, fans took to Twitter to share their theories, with @AlanCortes suggesting: “Isn’t Belle’s new bf same guy Nicky was with last week? #emmerdale.”

@Thedragon18137 also tweeted recently: “#Emmerdale are Tom and Ally the same person then? Ally lying to Nicky about who he really is? They look so similar but idk.” (sic)

@Tonguetwisteruk went on to say: “So is Tom King in with Nicky trying to scam Kim? They seemed close the other day judging by how they were kissing each other.” (sic)

Other fans hope Tom is back to cause some chaos with the villagers.

@sofaneilas added: “Really hope Tom King JNR is here to just wreck people’s lives and set fire to a few family bridges #emmerdale.”

“Thought Tom was gay or is he bi,” @Boppity_Boo34 questioned.

Emmerdale airs weekdays at 7.30pm on ITV.

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