Emmerdale fans ‘work out’ Samson Dingle twist after Amelia Spencer gives birth

Emmerdale fans ‘work out’ Samson Dingle twist after Amelia Spencer gives birth

October 26, 2022

Emmerdale fans think they have figured out a twist coming up with Samson Dingle after Amelia Spencer gave birth to his baby last week during the 50th storm week.

Only recently, Amelia, who is in a relationship with Noah Dingle, revealed she had called her daughter Esther as it means "star" as Samson met his child for the first time after he was left injured in the storm.

However, in upsetting scenes on Monday, Samson told the newborn: "I know they’re all watching me, they think I’ll take one look at you and everything will change. But I'm only here because they forced me to. I don't want to be your dad and I will not let you ruin my life."

During Tuesday's episode, Samson bumped into Amelia and Noah as he said: "Look, I wanted to talk about registering the baby. I thought we could maybe go tomorrow?"

Amelia was left delighted at his sudden enthusiasm as she said: "Yeah, tomorrow sounds great!" but Noah was left upset as he thought he was going.

To which Amelia added: "Yeah, you can still come with us, it's just… it will be Samson’s name on the birth certificate, that’s all."

However, Noah was still clearly upset as he said he'd give it a miss as it would be "weird" if the three of them turned up while Amelia then asked if Samson wanted to come to hospital to see Esther.

But Samson declined the offer, saying he had stuff to do but confirmed that they would definitely be registering the baby the next day.

Delighted over the development, Amelia gushed: "Maybe he's coming round after all!"

However, soap watchers think there could be a twist in store as they took to social media to share their theories.

One person said: "Samson is not going to turn up for the signing. And she will have to do it all on her own and Samson name won't be on the paper work. But dont worry he will still have to pay money for the baby…."

A different account put: "I wonder if he’s going to sign Noah’s name…"

Another follower said: "I think Samson will turn up to register the baby but there will be a twist and he will use Noah name instead."

While a different viewer added: "I think he will turn up and say he doesn’t want his name on the birth certificate."

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