Emmerdale fans rage at Maya as she lies to boyfriend David over kiss with his adopted son Jacob in ‘sickening’ love triangle

Emmerdale fans rage at Maya as she lies to boyfriend David over kiss with his adopted son Jacob in ‘sickening’ love triangle

December 6, 2018

Soap viewers were previously shocked after Maya locked lips with Jacob on a number of occasions despite her being in a position of authority by working at his school.

And the fact Jacob had been adopted by her boyfriend David did not seem to bother her either.

But Jacob felt guilty over what the pair had been up to and beckoned her out of class and into the hall in scenes that aired on Wednesday, begging for her to tell him to tell David the truth.

Maya agreed, telling Jacob she thought David deserved to know what had happened between her and the teen, but in reality she had other ideas.

Jacob later walked in on Maya talking to David and assumed she was delivering the bad new to his father and left the room to give them space, telling them: "Don't split up because of me!"

A bemused David asked Maya what Jacob had to do with them separating and she simply couldn't tell him the truth, falsely saying Jacob was failing in school and getting bad grades and did not want David to know.

Outraged viewers were quick to take to Twitter to voice their frustration, with one person writing: "Maya is blatantly going to lie and blame it all on Jacob. David being the sad soppy git he is will believe whatever she says."

Another person posted: "You complete and UTTER TRAMP…!!! If you blame Jacob I'll punch you myself Maya #Emmerdale."

And someone else simply remarked: "Maya is a vile manipulative bitch #emmerdale."

During a previous episode, Emmerdale fans claimed seeing Maya kiss Jacob left them feeling physically sick.

Many stated the storyline left them reaching for a bucket or fleeing the room, while others posted hilarious memes of people throwing up.

Viewers of tonight's trip to Emmerdale saw Jacob lying about having a relationship with Liv Flaherty in a bid to make Maya jealous.

But when Jacob confessed what he's been up to, Maya responds – by making a move on him.

She tells him: "You are a lovely, sensitive, mature young man and I am very flattered that you feel like that."

The teacher then gives him a hug – that turns into a stomach-churning snog.

One fan tweeted simply: "It’s disgusting ?."

A second raged: "This storyline with #Jacob & #Maya actually makes me feel sick ? there is just NO need for it!!"

Another complained: "Was nearly physically sick watching this muck, had to leave the room! Finish this storyline asap, it's vile!"

A third posted: "Disgusting storyline shame on you ?? @emmerdale."

Yet more agreed that the story should be axed, saying: "Unnecessary even if it leads to a storyline, completely unnecessary."

Other wrote: "I feel all the complaints rolling in ?" and: "This is just minging???."

But it was a strong night on the meme front, with viewers taking to Twitter to post the very best puking GIFs.

Readers of a nervous disposition should perhaps look away now.

But, we suspect Emmerdale have no intention of winding up this story any time soon.

Maya's boyfriend – and Jacob's adopted dad – David Metcalfe is still entirely in the dark about what's going on.

So set your watches for his gruesome affair coming to a head some time around Christmas.

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