Emmerdale fans left pulling their hair out as Vinny Dingle finds Manpreet Sharma ALIVE – but it totally backfires

Emmerdale fans left pulling their hair out as Vinny Dingle finds Manpreet Sharma ALIVE – but it totally backfires

January 26, 2022

EMMERDALE fans have been left pulling their hair out after Vinny Dingle found Manpreet Sharma ALIVE – but it totally backfired.

Wednesday's episode of the ITV soap left many fearing twisted nurse Meena Jutla had murdered her sister after she was seen dragging her body out of the house in a body bag.

However, the final moments of tonight's episode saw Vinny enter a deserted farm shed and find Manpreet barely alive and shackled up.

Vinny has been gathering evidence to try and clear Liv's name after she was charged with Ben's murder instead of Meena.

Thursday's double bill saw Meena's name keep popping up as he checked out his leads, but during a visit to see Liv in prison she told him it wasn't anything to go on and to forget about it all.

Vinny returned home and chucked his research in the bin, but tonight's episode saw his detective senses spike again when he saw Meena laying into Noah for stealing her ring, which was actually a sick momento from one of her victims.

Noah then revealed Meena had threatened him, and broke into his house to get the ring back.

Vinny then spotted Meena driving off, and so he decided to follow her in Sam's van, which eventually brought him to the shed where Manpreet was being held captive.

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As he entered, he called out for Meena before spotting Manpreet lying on the straw, tied up.

But no sooner had he said her name than he was knocked out cold, as Meena hit him over the head with a piece of wood from behind.

She said: "I do so love visitors," but as Manpreet begged her sister to leave him alone, she snapped: "Shut up! Or I might just decide three's a crowd."

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Viewers immediately took to Twitter to discuss the latest turn of events in the Meena saga, with one writing: "Dumb #Meena now you’ve got two people to deal with!"

Another added: "Vinny is thick ffs."

A third tweeted: "This is beyond f***ing ridiculous seriously. Why the hell would Vinny immediately follow Meena without telling anyone given he was clearly already starting to suspect her of murder?"

Emmerdale airs on ITV.

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