Emmerdale fans in tears as Faith Dingle shares heartbreaking cancer diagnosis

Emmerdale fans in tears as Faith Dingle shares heartbreaking cancer diagnosis

May 12, 2022

Emmerdale fans were left in tears after Faith Dingle revealed her cancer has returned.

In Wednesday night’s episode, Faith (played by Sally Dexter) was locked up after throwing a dumbbell through Dan Spencer’s window in a rage, after which she revealed the shocking news.

After being taken to a police cell, Faith insisted that she be let out to attend her hospital appointment and insisted it was life or death.

But when she was finally let out later, she was surprised to find Moira there to take her home.

“You’re going to lose your family,” said Moira as she tried to convince Faith to come home – not knowing where Faith was really going.

But then her mother in law dropped the bombshell on her.

“I’ve got cancer,” she said. “My cancer’s come back.”

The scene left viewers in tears, with many taking to Twitter to voice their emotions.

One wrote: "OMG….Noooo this is going to make me cry. I knew something was up with Faith. #Emmerdale."

A second said: "I will riot if we lose Faith. #Emmerdale."

Another added: "Faith's cancer has returned."

This week's episodes have been produced in collaboration with the charity Breast Cancer Now, who have worked closely with the soap''s writers to ensure that Faith's secondary cancer storyline is a realistic and authentic depiction.

Sally Dexter, who has played the widely-adored role of Faith since 2017, said: "It's upsetting, but really important as a storyline, because it's more than a storyline for so many people.

"It matters to people who are going through it as well as people who will go through it. I feel a sense of real responsibility, but also a privilege to be doing this storyline."

Emmerdale Producer, Laura Shaw, also commented: "Faith's devastating cancer diagnosis will impact not only her life, but all those around her. We know at the very core of the Dingles is a strong sense of family and love, so for them to try and navigate through this heart-breaking time will be incredibly difficult.

"Faith's zest for life with her spicy sense of humour and appetite for fun and adventure means that while there will inevitably be some painful and heart wrenching moments, we will also see life affirming and positive moments of light in the story too.

"Given the calibre of actor Sally is, I know she will approach the story with great honesty and depth and do it justice and this in turn will raise awareness of such an important issue that affects many people on a daily basis."

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