Emily Atack told to put down burger by man who told her: "Starvation suits you"

Emily Atack told to put down burger by man who told her: "Starvation suits you"

December 17, 2018

I’m A Celebrity star Emily Atack was told to put down a burger by a rude man in a restaurant who told her: “Starvation suits you.”

The actress, who lost half a stone after eating mainly rice and beans in the jungle, was horrified about being interrupted during dinner.

She said of the incident: “Some bloke said to me in a restaurant whilst I was eating my dinner: ‘No, stop. Starvation suits you.’ What in the….!?

“I would throw my burg at you but that would be a massive waste, love.”

In a new interview with OK! magazine, Emily, 28, said: “My whole life I’ve been judged for how I look.

"Which is part and parcel of being in the public eye, playing sexy roles and posing for lad’s mags, but I want people to like me for my personality and brain.

“It’s not all about having the perfect body, perfect hair, perfect smile.”

The actress also announced last week she would no longer use apps that distorted her figure on social media, saying: “We are all different.

"Some have rock hard abs, some have a bit of jam roly poly, it’s all ok!!!”

I’m a Celeb winner Harry Redknapp, 71, said last week Emily “scrubs up” well enough to date his son, Jamie.

Emily told OK!: “Poor Jamie, I feel so sorry for him being dragged into this.

"I’m enjoying life as a single woman.”

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