EastEnders fans seriously divided by 12-year-old Lily's pregnancy story

EastEnders fans seriously divided by 12-year-old Lily's pregnancy story

January 3, 2023

EastEnders fans have a lot to say over a controversial storyline that has seen 12-year-old Lily Slater (Lillia Turner) fall pregnant.

The storyline kicked off on New Year’s Day, when the child’s mum Stacey (Lacey Turner) was told by doctors that she is expecting a child.

So far, Lily has avoided telling Stacey who the father is, although viewers already have their theories.

In the most recent episode, Stacey was quizzed by police over whether Lily could have faced abuse.

With the storyline inevitably set to be a huge one for 2023, fans have been sharing their thoughts on social media, and it’s clear they are divided.

While some are staunchly defensive over the topical story, arguing that it is an important issue for the soap to raise, others reckon the story is going too far.

It’s not the first time that a soap has tackled the pregnancy of a child, although it has been noted that Lily may be the youngest ever featured in a serial drama.

Previously, Demi Miller gave birth at the age of 13, while Sonia Fowler was 15 when she went into labour with Bex Fowler.

And in Coronation Street, Sarah Platt welcomed Bethany when she was 13, while Faye Windass was also a young teen.

All of these scenes sought to highlight an issue, one that is no less relevant today say some.

a little reminder that months of planning has gone into Lily’s storyline, including full informed consent from lillia and her parents. #eastenders

They write about stories based on real life and unfortunately this happens a awful lot! And I think it’s a good eye opener for parents to be more vigilant on their kids and check social media etc…

As for poor Lily being pregnant, that was a shock but unfortunately it does happen irl life. I’m wondering who the dad could be? Or even if she was sexually abused?😓 It’ll be interesting to see where this story goes, it’ll be difficult for the whole Slater family. #EastEnders

Not everyone is on the same page, though. Is it too much for the show?

I really hate this lily storyline in #Eastenders – especially after Micks storyline where Katy Lewis manipulated and groomed a 12 year old child for sex. Like I know it happens but I just think they should have done it when they were 14 minimum. Preteens is not cool at all.

This storyline is vile, its heartbreaking for Lily, shes just a child herself. Though I know all actors involved will be great and do this story justice. Its still mad though. #EastEnders

Stacey being told Lily’s pregnant…..I HATE THIS ALREADY#EastEnders

However, there seems to be one thing that everyone agrees with – Lillia Turner is a young star in the making.

No matter what you think of the storyline, they couldn’t have picked a better child actress to undertake it. Lillia Turner is absolutely fantastic as Lily Slater, that kid’s got serious talent! #Eastenders

Stacey will of course struggle with the situation, and Lacey Turner has confirmed that Martin Fowler (James Bye) will be kept in the dark for now.

‘Stacey is treading on eggshells,’ she told us. ‘She needs to find out from Lily how this happened, who the father is, and all the details.

‘But to do that, she needs to build trust with Lily, and if her daughter wants it to be a secret, then Stacey will keep it secret.

‘That’s why she doesn’t confide in Martin because she’s just trying to get the information and build that trust and not break it.’

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