EastEnders fans rejoice as Phil decks Jonno for 'f*ggot' slur against Callum

EastEnders fans rejoice as Phil decks Jonno for 'f*ggot' slur against Callum

October 1, 2019

It’s not often that Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) is hailed as a gay icon but tonight, he had everyone cheering for him as he put Jonno Highway (Richard Graham) where he belongs – on the floor with a bleeding nose.

EastEnders viewers were horrifed by Jonno’s vulgar reaction when a brave Callum (Tony Clay) stood up to him and came out as gay. As Jonno lashed out with hateful comments and violence to Ben, he used disgusting language and branded his son a ‘f*ggot’.

Phil did what everyone was wanting to do and punched Jonno to the floor. And fans were absolutely living for it.

The episode was quite the journey for Callum. After Lola Pearce (Danielle Harold) gave him a pep talk about standing up for himself, he marched into the Vic and asked Ben for a date. But Jonno ruined the moment with his deplorable confrontation.

The whole pub were rooting for Callum as he came out and put his dad in his place. And after Jonno was put in his place by Phil. Callum seized the moment and grabbed Ben (Max Bowden) for a kiss – and all of us Ballum fans were loving it.

Initially, Ben had deliberately tried to put Callum off after getting it into his head that he isn’t good enough for him. But even Stuart (Ricky Champ) was given a wake up call after warning Ben off.

The future is now looking bright for Ben and Callum as they embark on a future together – but with Ben still having his hand in criminal activities, such as setting up a loan shark business and eventually dragging Martin Fowler (James Bye) into it, it’s clear that his edge is going nowhere.

That said, Callum has had a taste of standing up for himself, so we will all be watching with interest as the dynamic develops between them.

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