EastEnders fans praise 'clever' social-distancing workaround to let Stuart and Rainie kiss on wedding day

EastEnders fans praise 'clever' social-distancing workaround to let Stuart and Rainie kiss on wedding day

September 30, 2020

EASTENDERS fans have praised the soap's "clever" social-distancing workaround that let Stuart Highway and Rainie Cross kiss on their wedding day.

Show bosses were determined to do the popular characters' big day justice despite coronavirus guidelines making depictions of physical contact almost impossible.

In last night's episode, Stuart was so excited to tie the knot that he accidentally got in the wrong car, which is known to be temperamental.

Before Rainie could warn him about what he'd done, the battery had died – locking Stuart in so that he was trapped behind the wheel unable to open windows or doors.

As chaos ensued, Ben Mitchell managed to get the pair's officiant to the car so that they could be married in the street.

Stuart and Rainie were beside one another as they tied the knot, with Stuart within the confines of the car the entire time.

When it came for the villain-turned-nice-guy to kiss his bride, the giddy couple smooched through the window – each kissing opposite sides of the glass.

Viewers at home were impressed by the novel social distancing solution – especially as it "suited" the hapless characters – and flocked to social media to share their reaction.

One wrote: "I like how they used Stuart being locked in the car as a way for them to kiss while also following social distancing rules."

Another added: "Rainie and Stuart's wedding kiss through the car window fits perfectly with their characters and is such a good way to get around social distancing."

A third praised: "The funny thing is this is how they would probably get married nevermind the social distancing. Classic Stuart and Rainie."

One fan shared: "Loving the social distancing techniques EastEnders are so creative! Get the groom stuck in a car and the bride can still kiss the groom only through the glass!"

However, an awkward blunder took away some of the success of the storyline, with some viewers left confused when Stuart managed to honk his car horn after learning that Rainie is pregnant.

Fans pointed out that if the battery was dead the horn would not have worked.

Elsewhere, Mitch and Karen's "kiss" in last night's show was ridiculed by some, who laughed at how "unrealistic" the smooch looked.

The grieving parents grew close as they sorted through pictures of their daughter Chantelle following her death earlier this month.

The emotional pair leant across the pictures and started to kiss, only for Gray to quickly interrupt – clearly stunned to see Karen cheat on her boyfriend Billy.

Previously, EastEnders has impressed fans with its social-distancing filming, with Martin and Ruby's kiss last week also winning applause.

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