EastEnders fans convinced Nancy Carter has secretly split with husband Tamwar Masood

EastEnders fans convinced Nancy Carter has secretly split with husband Tamwar Masood

April 13, 2021

EASTENDERS fans are convinced Nancy Carter has split up with husband Tamwar Masood.

The barmaid – who is played by actress Maddy Hill in the BBC soap – made a bombshell return to the Square tonight after deciding to fly home for a holiday.

However she came home alone, insisting that Tamwar simply couldn't get time off work to leave New Zealand.

She walked into the pub as Mick was announcing Frankie Lewis as his daughter at her birthday party.

"Everyone Frankie is my daughter," said Mick. 

"And I feel very honoured to spend her birthday with the daughter that I love."

But as he made his grand announcement – to Sharon and Zack – Nancy walked in.

"Aww, balloons," she said.

"You shouldn't have. You alright?"

Sitting down with her family and new sister, Nancy said: "So are you living here right now? I haven't even got you a present. I've completely gatecrashed, haven't I?"

Mick rushed Nancy upstairs and she revealed how wanted to make sure he was fine after he told her about the abuse he suffered at the hands of Frankie's mum.

"I came back to check you're OK," she said. 

"I didn't realise my sister was living here already. If I knew you wouldn't need me already, then I wouldn't have…"

Mick asured her he wanted her here and then went to spend the rest of the night with Frankie.

However once alone, Nancy called her husband – and there was a distinctly frosty atmosphere as they rowed over money.

"There's nothing in the account, Tamwar," she said. 

"Move it back please because I need that money now."

Fans are convinced the couple have secretly split.

One wrote: Nancy Carter back! ‘As she ditched poor Tamwar like what ‘is first wife did #EastEnders

A second said: "It's the return of Nancy Carter after 5 years away from the Sqaure. But what secrets has she got to hide? And where is Tamwar."

Another added: "Where is Tanwar??"

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