EastEnders' Danny Dyer slams daughter Dani's exes Jack Fincham and Sammy Kimmence as 'very controlling' in furious rant

EastEnders' Danny Dyer slams daughter Dani's exes Jack Fincham and Sammy Kimmence as 'very controlling' in furious rant

February 23, 2022

EASTENDERS actor Danny Dyer has slammed his daughter Dani's exes as "very controlling".

In a furious rant, the 44-year-old took aim at Jack Fincham and Sammy Kimmence for their behaviour while dating Dani, 25.

Speaking on the pair's Sorted with the Dyers podcast, Danny said: "I've always found with your boyfriends, they've never been a part of your friendship group, because they were very controlling, and just wanted you all to themselves.

"So it was almost like you had to make a choice.

"And in some cases between friends, parents, or him. I say him, I use these words very loosely."

The dad and daughter were concerned while having a discussion about a listener's relationship.

The fan had written in saying their partner is deleting text messages from a family friend.

Talking about past loves, Dani opened up about still having feelings for Jack – who she won Love Island with in 2018.

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She said: "I think you've always got that something with someone, if you've spent so much time with them, years or anything like that, you will always have that something. Not necessarily love.

"Like Love Island Jack, for instance. Me and him, we're fine, and not that I necessarily love him, but I always think we had a great time together.

"I genuinely think when you fall in love with someone else then you're over your ex."

Danny cut in saying: "I think that's an exception to the rule.

"You were on telly with him and that was a mad little journey, but that was it. That was where it f***ing ended."

Dani continued: "People say you'll always have something for your first love, but I absolutely have nothing for my first love. That first one took me a very long time [to get over].

"My first relationship, that was crazy. And I loved him, weird. [I was] a child.

"He was awful to me and so toxic for me. When I got out of that it was incredible."

Dani was recently seen fighting back tears as she reflected on her son Santiago's first year with his dad Sammy Kimmence in jail.

In a new YouTube video filming his birthday party as he turned one, Dani got emotional about the difficult year she had.

She became a single parent when her ex-partner was sent to prison for 42 months after defrauding two pensioners out of nearly £34,000.

The 25-year-old recently hinted that her failed romance with jailed Sammy was doomed from the start.

She split from her Love Island boyfriend Jack Fincham in April 2019 and in the same month confirmed she'd got back with her ex-partner Sammy.

Dani's now dating West Ham star Jarrod Bowen, who dad Danny "loves".

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