EastEnders confirms new Cindy and Ian Beale twist in episode spoiler video

EastEnders confirms new Cindy and Ian Beale twist in episode spoiler video

June 22, 2023

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As if Cindy Beale’s (Michelle Collins) return wasn’t shocking enough, EastEnders has kept the twists coming, with a new spoiler video revealing that she and Ian Beale (Adam Woodyatt) are back together again.

For those who can’t recall, Cindy was last seen being arrested for conspiracy to murder, after hiring a hitman to kill Ian.

Despite this tiny blip, the couple have seemingly rekindled their love 25 years later.

In last night’s (June 21) shocking episode, Cindy was revealed to be the elusive Rose Knight – the missing wife of George (Colin Salmon).

After Phil Micthell’s (Steve McFadden) investigation saw George learn that Rose was still alive, George tried to phone her.

In a scene that is sure to go down in EastEnders history, viewers saw Rose decline the call and take a sip of wine, before being revealed as Cindy, back from the dead.

Viewers up to this point had believed that Cindy had died in childbirth off-screen back in 1998, making her return a huge shock.

In the new spoiler video, Cindy breaks the news of George’s call to a paranoid Ian, who clearly feels threatened by Cindy’s ex-husband.

Though Cindy is adamant that she didn’t speak to him, she admits that it got her thinking about daughters Anna and Gina (Molly Rainford and Francesca Henry) and how much she missed them.

She points out that they weren’t the only children she missed, no doubt referring to Steven and Lucy, both of whom died believing she was dead herself.

As Ian continues to ask questions about George, Cindy makes it very clear that it is him she wants to be with, not George.

Executive producer Chris Clenshaw has revealed that ‘a lot’s changed’ in terms of Cindy and Ian’s relationship in the time they’ve been away from the Square.

‘It’s been 25 years and a lot’s changed, obviously. Cindy’s a bit of a different woman now.

‘What we don’t necessarily learn now but will become much clearer is how they got back together just over a year ago and how she really relied on Ian.

‘Ultimately at the end of the day he’s hopelessly in love. Love is blind when it comes to Ian, he’s a hopeless romantic. So I don’t think it took a lot for him to be pulled back in to Cindy’s world.’

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